From 11/13/2007 to 12/12/2007


04:28 PM Revision 3649 (metacat): Added note about being able to use ant targets to do the database upgrades.
01:57 PM Bug #3024 (New): recordDelimiter and fieldDelimiter display the unicode number on KNB
The Unicode number does not mean anything to most users. Maybe we can put an if statement when the value of recordDel... Callie Bowdish


12:19 PM Bug #2932: KNB Data Catalog Map feature searches revert to default page
I think this is fixed now. Callie Bowdish


12:40 PM Revision 3648 (metacat): height and width adjustments for rendering in IE
ben leinfelder
11:17 AM Revision 3647 (metacat): set the clientViewHelper object in the session so that login/logout link can be determined in the header iFrame.
ben leinfelder


04:42 PM Revision 3646 (metacat): fix mistake where there is an attempt to select nodetype column from table xml_path_index table (it's not there!)
ben leinfelder
11:14 AM Revision 3645 (metacat): adjust colors/formatting for EML display
ben leinfelder
11:13 AM Revision 3644 (metacat): comment out references to a standalone login page.
get's dicey when the header says "log in" but you already are logged in.... ben leinfelder
11:13 AM Revision 3643 (metacat): make button consistent with other input L+F
ben leinfelder
10:30 AM Revision 3642 (metacat): localizing some more images, but also commenting out image urls that are [likely] not being used by the minimal number of css classes we are skimming from the SAEON plone skin
ben leinfelder
09:41 AM Revision 3641 (metacat): localize use.gif image icon
ben leinfelder


07:44 PM Revision 3640 (metacat): initial commit of skin for SAEON look and feel. looks pretty good, but there are still a few things that need tweaking (colors).
also want to add a standalone login page to match with the header line (perhaps).
tracked in bugzilla #3007
ben leinfelder
04:58 PM Revision 3638 (metacat): - fixed my mistake in last checkin with ant tokens
- fixed broken links: changed @server@ to @httpserver@ in these files, and prefixed with http:// barseghian
04:49 PM Revision 3637 (metacat): Add http:// into the link
Jing Tao
04:04 PM Revision 3636 (metacat): Using httpserver to replace server in head link.
Jing Tao
12:52 PM Bug #2999: only one attribute per element returned with pathquery results
have tested on two local installs of metacat and am happy with what i see.
releasing it into the wild.
ben leinfelder


12:57 PM Bug #2999: only one attribute per element returned with pathquery results
added change to handle ATTRIBUTE nodes differently than TEXT nodes so that all attributes of an element are returned ... ben leinfelder
12:40 PM Revision 3635 (metacat): changes for fix to bug #2999 (only one attribute of an element is returned in resultset doc)
-added merging for large TEXT nodes when they have been broken up.
-allow multiple attributes to be returned in the r...
ben leinfelder
12:38 PM Revision 3634 (metacat): add retrieval of field type for each node (TEXT, ATTRIBUTE, etc).
this is to support a fix for bug#2999 ben leinfelder
10:37 AM Revision 3633 (metacat): fixed broken links. needed a ../


09:10 AM Revision 3631 (metacat): use keyword for restricting the search by node
ben leinfelder


02:45 PM Revision 3630 (metacat): Use httpserver to replace server to fix the borken download link.
Jing Tao


04:47 PM Revision 3629 (metacat): Workaround for a bizzare submission issue stemming from the debug sub. Modified the NCEAS project list to be robust and rely on the presence of the AdminDB module and a working connection to the DB for listing projects.
01:59 PM Revision 3628 (metacat): Added FGDC support to bug fixes listing.
01:45 PM Revision 3627 (metacat): Update a few references to metacat version numbers that were out of date.
Duane Costa
01:26 PM Revision 3625 (metacat): Fixed a couple of bugs: 1) Threw an error when updating a packages public access (lost the data files doc id's) and 2) returns a message after access is changed.
Both were fixed by not attempting to get a child text node from a text node. barteau


04:16 PM Revision 3624 (metacat): Provide ldapweb.cgi links without skin reference, to prevent rendering issues temporarily. Long term fix needed, see Bug #3021
04:15 PM Bug #3021 (Rejected): ldapweb.cgi needs some usability improvements
The login system currently used by Metacat for the registry is ldapweb.cgi, which communicates with the LDAP server t... Shaun Walbridge


04:47 PM Bug #3019 (Resolved): Remove usage of .lastid files within the registry
The registry currently relies on a .lastid file residing within the skin folder for each skin in use. This file is u... Shaun Walbridge
04:00 PM Bug #3018 (Resolved): Document installation and deployment of registry system
Currently there is no documentation on how to set up and deploy the registry aspects of Metacat, and much of this kno... Shaun Walbridge


09:03 PM Revision 3622 (metacat): Change version to 1.8.0
Jing Tao
05:50 PM Revision 3621 (metacat): change release number from 1.8 to 1.8.0
Jing Tao
05:47 PM Revision 3620 (metacat): Change the release number from 1.8 to 1.8.0
Jing Tao
04:14 PM Revision 3619 (metacat): changes .table so that registry user guide would display better
04:13 PM Revision 3618 (metacat): addmitional metadata style change
02:49 PM Revision 3617 (metacat): NCEAS skin fix for dataset map; cleanup in index.html
01:16 PM Revision 3616 (metacat): text alignment change
11:53 AM Revision 3615 (metacat): spelling fix
11:44 AM Revision 3614 (metacat): added a few bug fixes that were made
09:51 AM Bug #3017 (Closed): The Ampersand returns a blank page on searches
Searching on the KNB brings up a blank page when using the Ampersand (&) symbol. A search on a title such as,"Species... Callie Bowdish


04:58 PM Revision 3613 (metacat): added release note about spatial query modification (bug 2972)
ben leinfelder
04:49 PM Revision 3612 (metacat): Updated change log to include additions for 1.8 release
04:06 PM Bug #2999: only one attribute per element returned with pathquery results
Talked with ben and he suggested to move to 1.9 release. Jing Tao
03:44 PM Revision 3611 (metacat): Change the release number to 1.8
Jing Tao
03:41 PM Revision 3610 (metacat): Change release from 1.7.1 to 1.8
Jing Tao
03:39 PM Revision 3609 (metacat): This file was renamed from upgrade-db-to-1.7.1.sql
Jing Tao
03:38 PM Revision 3608 (metacat): Rename this file to upgrade-db-to-1.8.sql
Jing Tao
03:38 PM Revision 3607 (metacat): A file rename from 1.7.1 since we decide to release 1.8 rather than 1.7.1
Jing Tao
03:37 PM Revision 3606 (metacat): Rename this file to upgrade-db-to-1.8-postgres.sql
Jing Tao
11:20 AM Bug #3016: NCEAS skin needs login status and button in toolbar
Imported Sid's fix for this problem from the ESA skin. Uses an AJAX request to check on current user state. A text b... Shaun Walbridge
11:18 AM Bug #3016 (Resolved): NCEAS skin needs login status and button in toolbar
The NCEAS skin needs to have the current user login status, so that users can identify their current status, and log ... Shaun Walbridge
11:12 AM Bug #3015: NCEAS data registry skin updated to match UI of updated NCEAS website
Closed for upcoming metacat release. Shaun Walbridge
11:11 AM Bug #3015 (Resolved): NCEAS data registry skin updated to match UI of updated NCEAS website
Matt did the initial work of converting the NCEAS skin from its initial version into the style used by the recently r... Shaun Walbridge
10:41 AM Bug #1982: add function to submit data with registry entities
Bug fixed by fixing four aspects of Metacat:
1) Metacat core fixed to accept arbitrarily ordered form objects, a...
Shaun Walbridge
10:29 AM Bug #3014 (Resolved): Expose permission options for registry uploads
As stated in Bug# 1982, when adding data objects to a metadata upload, the registry skins should expose a permissions... Shaun Walbridge


04:01 PM Revision 3605 (metacat): use the [pre-existing!] ant token for cgi url
ben leinfelder
03:59 PM Revision 3604 (metacat): use the [pre-existing!] ant token for cgi url
ben leinfelder


04:17 PM Revision 3603 (metacat): Changed confirm.jspx to confirm.jsp
04:09 PM Revision 3602 (metacat): Modified redirect URL to navigate to a skin-specific confirmation page, rather than a common one.
03:58 PM Revision 3601 (metacat): skin-specific delete action results page (confirm.jsp)
ben leinfelder
03:26 PM Revision 3600 (metacat): made changes so that the nceas skin would be centered and work with IE
03:25 PM Revision 3599 (metacat): made changes so that the nceas page would be centered
01:26 PM Revision 3598 (metacat): Updated the ResponsibleParty object creation to be more robust. Now handles N MetadataProvider elements as expected.
01:23 PM Revision 3597 (metacat): Added login status block. Reverted hardcoded path to proper tokens.
01:22 PM Revision 3596 (metacat): Updated the NCEAS skin for various fixes: Rewrote the login XSLT to work correctly. Added a login status button to the page headers. Modified the header image to disable the global site search used on the NCEAS homepage. Removed former IFRAME cruft.


05:49 PM Revision 3595 (metacat): Add a note to enable ecogrid in metacat installation.
Jing Tao
10:42 AM Revision 3594 (metacat): Changed the size of subtitle and title.
Jing Tao


04:04 PM Revision 3593 (metacat): Seperate the instructions of install and update.
Jing Tao


04:16 PM Revision 3592 (metacat): Add table of contents.
Jing Tao

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