From 12/01/2007 to 12/30/2007


02:59 PM Revision 3666 (metacat): Removed "Last Modified July 10, 2007" section because it is static and people may think that it means the data package was last modified then.
05:21 PM Revision 3665 (metacat): Fixed the implement of java class which will upload ipcc data.
Jing Tao


03:05 PM Bug #3033: Registry on KNB login response to registry deadends
Fixed in knb.xml by re-enabling login.xsl processing for the KNB skin; diff with previous version:
Shaun Walbridge
02:58 PM Revision 3664 (metacat): Modified knb.xml to re-enable login.xsl processing for the registry workflow: after a 'login' request, the user will be correctly redirected to the registry form.
06:51 PM Revision 3663 (metacat): Add new index - abstract into xml_path_index path
Jing Tao
05:58 PM Revision 3662 (metacat): Add a file which will upload ipcc data to metacat.
Jing Tao


02:50 PM Revision 3661 (metacat): Metacat installer bug: replaced locale-specific ant tokens with runtime lookup.


03:55 PM Revision 3660 (metacat): Metacat installer: remove locale-specific ant tokens. Made links relative to the installation.
03:07 PM Revision 3659 (metacat): Metacat installer: remove locale-specific ant tokens.
03:07 PM Revision 3658 (metacat): Metacat installer: remove locale-specific ant tokens. Made relative to installation.
03:04 PM Bug #2797: Character set (charset) problem when filling out form
Looks like the forward slash needs to be added to the "special characters" that are problematic with viewing online. ... Callie Bowdish
11:31 AM Bug #3033 (Resolved): Registry on KNB login response to registry deadends
When someone who hasn't logged into the KNB (www.knb.ecoinformatics) uses the link to register a dataset they get a l... Callie Bowdish


02:41 PM Revision 3657 (metacat): remove that awful underline for links
ben leinfelder
02:25 PM Revision 3656 (metacat): add SANParks and SAEON affiliations
ben leinfelder
02:16 PM Revision 3655 (metacat): add sanparks and saeon affiliations
ben leinfelder
12:43 PM Bug #3032 (Resolved): Sanparks skin search is slower than other skin
Callie reported the Sanparks skin search is slower than other skin. Ben figured out that "placekey" is not index in x... Jing Tao
12:35 PM Revision 3654 (metacat): add "placekey" as an indexed path for FGDC searching in SANParks and SAEON skins
ben leinfelder
11:50 AM Revision 3653 (metacat): use color from background for highlight, tablehead text - more in keeping with the L+F
ben leinfelder
11:50 AM Revision 3652 (metacat): include cfg parameter to pull in correct skin format for cgi/ldap
ben leinfelder
11:49 AM Revision 3651 (metacat): comment out the dataset registration link (at least for now)
ben leinfelder
11:47 AM Revision 3650 (metacat): handle special case for searching _both_ SANParks and SAEON (but not all of KNB)
ben leinfelder


04:28 PM Revision 3649 (metacat): Added note about being able to use ant targets to do the database upgrades.


01:57 PM Bug #3024 (New): recordDelimiter and fieldDelimiter display the unicode number on KNB
The Unicode number does not mean anything to most users. Maybe we can put an if statement when the value of recordDel... Callie Bowdish


12:19 PM Bug #2932: KNB Data Catalog Map feature searches revert to default page
I think this is fixed now. Callie Bowdish


12:40 PM Revision 3648 (metacat): height and width adjustments for rendering in IE
ben leinfelder
11:17 AM Revision 3647 (metacat): set the clientViewHelper object in the session so that login/logout link can be determined in the header iFrame.
ben leinfelder


04:42 PM Revision 3646 (metacat): fix mistake where there is an attempt to select nodetype column from table xml_path_index table (it's not there!)
ben leinfelder


11:14 AM Revision 3645 (metacat): adjust colors/formatting for EML display
ben leinfelder
11:13 AM Revision 3644 (metacat): comment out references to a standalone login page.
get's dicey when the header says "log in" but you already are logged in.... ben leinfelder
11:13 AM Revision 3643 (metacat): make button consistent with other input L+F
ben leinfelder
10:30 AM Revision 3642 (metacat): localizing some more images, but also commenting out image urls that are [likely] not being used by the minimal number of css classes we are skimming from the SAEON plone skin
ben leinfelder
09:41 AM Revision 3641 (metacat): localize use.gif image icon
ben leinfelder
07:44 PM Revision 3640 (metacat): initial commit of skin for SAEON look and feel. looks pretty good, but there are still a few things that need tweaking (colors).
also want to add a standalone login page to match with the header line (perhaps).
tracked in bugzilla #3007
ben leinfelder
04:58 PM Revision 3638 (metacat): - fixed my mistake in last checkin with ant tokens
- fixed broken links: changed @server@ to @httpserver@ in these files, and prefixed with http:// barseghian
04:49 PM Revision 3637 (metacat): Add http:// into the link
Jing Tao
04:04 PM Revision 3636 (metacat): Using httpserver to replace server in head link.
Jing Tao


12:52 PM Bug #2999: only one attribute per element returned with pathquery results
have tested on two local installs of metacat and am happy with what i see.
releasing it into the wild.
ben leinfelder


12:57 PM Bug #2999: only one attribute per element returned with pathquery results
added change to handle ATTRIBUTE nodes differently than TEXT nodes so that all attributes of an element are returned ... ben leinfelder
12:40 PM Revision 3635 (metacat): changes for fix to bug #2999 (only one attribute of an element is returned in resultset doc)
-added merging for large TEXT nodes when they have been broken up.
-allow multiple attributes to be returned in the r...
ben leinfelder
12:38 PM Revision 3634 (metacat): add retrieval of field type for each node (TEXT, ATTRIBUTE, etc).
this is to support a fix for bug#2999 ben leinfelder
10:37 AM Revision 3633 (metacat): fixed broken links. needed a ../


09:10 AM Revision 3631 (metacat): use keyword for restricting the search by node
ben leinfelder


02:45 PM Revision 3630 (metacat): Use httpserver to replace server to fix the borken download link.
Jing Tao

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