From 03/17/2010 to 04/15/2010


09:47 AM Revision 5317 (metacat): Add a debug statement to show existing doc id
09:43 AM Revision 5316 (metacat): Move all user images into the dev image directory. Remove all but the MetacatAdministratorsGuide from the user dir.


11:31 AM Revision 5311 (metacat): Merge 1.9.2 changes back into the trunk


01:27 PM Bug #4907: Replication error stops insert/update of valid EML document
It took a few days to realize what was going on here, but now we think we see the issue. The document's "home server"... Duane Costa


01:19 PM Bug #3894: Document metacat eclipse dev setup
Documented in docs/dev/metacat-eclipse-project.html Michael Daigle


11:51 PM Revision 5304 (metacat): Updated to use new name of dataone service API module.
Matt Jones


06:03 PM Revision 5302 (metacat): Adding commons-io jar for the IOUtils utilities for stream manipulation.
Matt Jones
05:58 PM Revision 5301 (metacat): Modified ResourceHandler to return error codes in XML format for the get() method.
Matt Jones


06:54 PM Revision 5299 (metacat): Modifications to metacat rest service to use the new DataONE CrudService for
get() operation. Minor issue with permissions errors propagating up the
stack, but otherwise this is the first imple...
Matt Jones
11:29 AM Revision 5298 (metacat): Modified readFromMetacat() to pass most exceptions up the call stack, which
allows creation of new entry points for calling reads. Still need to
continue factoring out the HTTPServletResponse ...
Matt Jones


04:30 PM Revision 5297 (metacat): Excluding the Maven ant tasks jar from the metacat war distribution because
it is not needed (its only used to build dataone-service at build time, and
is unused at runtime), and it conflicts w...
Matt Jones


12:50 PM Bug #4907 (Resolved): Replication error stops insert/update of valid EML document
It appears that a replication error causes insert/update to fail that would otherwise succeed:
On March 26, 2010, ...
Duane Costa


10:46 PM Bug #4904 (Resolved): NCEAS Projects list is missing from registry form dropdown
On the NCEAS data registry form, the dropdown menu for "NCEAS Project(s)" only has a small number of what appear to b... Jim Regetz


12:41 AM Revision 5295 (metacat): Modified the build.xml to include a new task for building the dataone
service api package, which generates a jar file that is put into lib. This
task depends on maven being installed in ...
Matt Jones


08:37 PM Revision 5294 (metacat): Updated the build to properly locate the servlet jar depending on which
version of tomcat is being used, tomcat5 or tomcat6. Matt Jones
01:28 PM Bug #4900: LDAP referral connection timeout
added code to skip the referral and continue to the next one if there was a problem with the first referral. This all... ben leinfelder
11:22 AM Bug #4900: LDAP referral connection timeout
matt's suggestions
2) modify metacat to gracefully deal with referral failures and timeouts
3) modify metacat to quer...
ben leinfelder
11:12 AM Bug #4900: LDAP referral connection timeout
This came to light when Judith and Victoria were trying to authenticate with the saeonocean metacat node (that points... ben leinfelder
11:09 AM Bug #4900 (Resolved): LDAP referral connection timeout
When trying to authenticate with a SANParks username from Metacat hosts that point to, the au... ben leinfelder
01:13 PM Revision 5293 (metacat): when looking up group membership, skip referrals that have errors ben leinfelder
12:56 PM Revision 5292 (metacat): skip referrals that have errors (connection timeout, host down, etc) ben leinfelder


08:55 PM Revision 5291 (metacat): Refactored putObject method to separate the create() and update() portions in order to match the method signatures needed for DataONE.
Matt Jones


09:16 AM Bug #4691: Registry mixes up users when saving
Fixed the reference to the contact Fax number that was showing up in the creator section. Michael Daigle
09:15 AM Bug #4838: Permissions error for link contained in Data Set Citation section
I changed the link results to display in the top window. This displays a straight read action for the document, whic... Michael Daigle


11:33 AM Bug #4892 (New): ESA registry shouldn't allow accepted docs to be modified
As submitter of an ESA document, I was able to modify the doc *after* it was accepted by the moderator, which I belie... Jim Regetz
11:20 AM Bug #4838: Permissions error for link contained in Data Set Citation section
Yep, the permissions problem is fixed. However, now when clicking the link, the frame that contains the doc is replac... Jim Regetz
10:09 AM Bug #4691: Registry mixes up users when saving
As tested on esa-dev: The FAX number provided in the contact section is still going into both the creator and contact... Jim Regetz
04:02 AM Revision 5287 (metacat): Modified ResourceHandler.deleteObject() to take a globally unique id (guid)
as input rather than a metacat-conformant docid. The guid is translated
into a metacat docid which is then used in t...
Matt Jones
03:11 AM Revision 5286 (metacat): Added support to ResourceHandler to allow the putObject method to use
arbitrary guid strings as input. These strings are examined, and if they
match the Metacat docid format (
Matt Jones
03:06 AM Revision 5285 (metacat): Adding a new property to be used as an identifier prefix by default.
Matt Jones


11:27 PM Revision 5284 (metacat): Updated MetacatRestClientTest so that the tests are actually calling fail()
when errors occur, and fixed all sixteen tests so that they run successfully
and can be run from any client (i.e., th...
Matt Jones
11:22 PM Revision 5283 (metacat): Fixed bug in getNextRevision() where "error" documents were not being
detected properly before searching for the next identifier. Matt Jones
06:54 PM Revision 5282 (metacat): Added initial support for arbitrary string identifiers in metacat (referred to as a guid). The new identifier table is used to map arbitrary string identifiers to Metacat's current docid format (referred to as the localId). Added a new IdentifierManager class to manage this table, adding new mappings as objects are added to the system. Modified the MetacatTest service to utilize this mapping table to look up a localId from a guid. IdentiferManagerTest is working with these guids now, as is the MetacatTest service get() method, but other parts of the system are unaware of them (e.g., create, update, delete operations are unaware, and no mapping is created when new documents are created). As a consequence, the MetacatRestClientTest is not working (although it also had lots of hardcoded dependencies that need to be fixed as well).
Matt Jones
03:29 PM Bug #4130: data tables in KNB display dataTable->physical->objectName
Changed the xsl to only use the entityName Michael Daigle
01:33 PM Bug #4886 (New): "DatabaseService is already registered" error after configuring Metacat
I installed Metacat from 1.9.2 branch and configured it successfully. Then I typed
the url on the browser:
Jing Tao

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