From 06/03/2012 to 07/02/2012


04:50 PM Revision 7287 (metacat): make sure we have non-null values where jibx serialization expects them for LogEntry
ben leinfelder
03:35 PM Revision 7286 (metacat): use secure Metacat context URL for D1 registration ben leinfelder
12:06 PM Revision 7285 (metacat): first pass: DataONE-specific log retrieval to avoid java-based post-processing.
ben leinfelder


08:55 AM Revision 7284 (metacat): use production cn url for the resolve url
ben leinfelder


01:46 PM Revision 7283 (metacat): remove the non-doi identifiers before updating the LTER - should save time on the update. ben leinfelder


11:57 PM Revision 7281 (metacat): use eml stylesheet tag (1.0.3)
ben leinfelder
11:57 PM Revision 7280 (metacat): use 1.0.2 d1_libclient jar (built by hudson)
ben leinfelder
03:43 PM Revision 7278 (metacat): set archived flag (true) when we set the obsoletedBy value in the ORE system metadata
ben leinfelder
02:27 PM Revision 7276 (metacat): update for 2.0.1 upgrade -- scripts, docs, readme
ben leinfelder
02:24 PM Revision 7275 (metacat): remove saxon jar (XSLT 2.0 support) with plans to re-add when we understand how to make it more lenient WRT to invalid character content in source XML
ben leinfelder
12:43 PM Revision 7274 (metacat): move to 1.0.2 d1_libclient jar for ORE generation change (URI for aggregation)
ben leinfelder
12:13 PM Revision 7273 (metacat): use the localId for obsoletes/obsoletedBy ORE system metadata (
ben leinfelder
12:12 PM Revision 7272 (metacat): use correct esa email list
ben leinfelder


08:41 PM Revision 7271 (metacat): include xml-apis*.jar when building the LSID authority.war -- without this file the authority webapp has a fatal error (no class def found) on init.
ben leinfelder


05:16 PM Revision 7270 (metacat): correct block formatting for tomcat config changes
ben leinfelder
05:01 PM Revision 7269 (metacat): add tomcat config options for DataONE identifiers with slashes
ben leinfelder
12:55 PM Revision 7267 (metacat): excluded the HzObjectPathMapTest$1 and HzObjectPathMapTest$2 classes which are not test classes in the test taraget.
Jing Tao
12:03 PM Revision 7266 (metacat): Print the stack trace when the MMP cannot be resolved.
Chris Jones
10:45 AM Revision 7264 (metacat): Use a final static string to replace the hard code.
Search document title rather than id in testReplicateEML_AtoB method. Jing Tao
09:19 AM Revision 7263 (metacat): use 1.0.2 tag for EML stylesheets
ben leinfelder
09:04 AM Revision 7262 (metacat): update MN registration screen shot and amend instructions that say a nodeId will be assigned during registration.
add section about generating SM for a new Member Node that has existing Metacat data. ben leinfelder
08:23 AM Revision 7261 (metacat): use CN session when testing getLogRecords() and getOperationStatistics() becuase they are now protecting "sensitive" information
ben leinfelder
12:43 AM Revision 7259 (metacat): use RC for EML stylesheets before going to yet another minor revision number.
ben leinfelder
12:25 AM Revision 7258 (metacat): report errors during XML->HTML transform ben leinfelder


09:57 PM Revision 7257 (metacat): add 'fulldist' target to combine building of src and bin distributions
ben leinfelder
09:56 PM Revision 7256 (metacat): include gastil's changes re: pathquery and 'delete' ben leinfelder
09:56 PM Bug #5619: metacat homepage Login anchor link not connected to id
changed to use iframe class ben leinfelder
09:40 PM Bug #5616: See bug #5615 for EML
Added data download link reordering to EML branch:
ben leinfelder
09:25 PM Bug #5616: See bug #5615 for EML
Hi Ben,
The only skin change I'll die if you dont fix is
(1) the location of the data download link on the table-lev...
ben leinfelder
08:40 PM Bug #5516: continue updating user documentation
one important edit is the description of the "delete" behavior.
The other edits are just references to Figures and a...
gastil gastil
07:39 PM Revision 7254 (metacat): Add details for configuring Apache to use client certificate authentication.
ben leinfelder
03:33 PM Revision 7253 (metacat): use production CN url as the default (instead of cn-dev)
ben leinfelder
03:14 PM Revision 7252 (metacat): Oops, previous commit suffered from a happy trigger finger. During deleteReplicationMetadata(), don't delete the replica on the replica Member Node. Call CN.delete() for that functionality. This call just updates sytem metadata (according to the API description).
Chris Jones
03:10 PM Revision 7251 (metacat)
Chris Jones
01:13 PM Revision 7250 (metacat): remove distribution tar.gz and zip files on fullclean.
ben leinfelder
12:55 PM Revision 7249 (metacat): use iframe id for the login anchor since the anchor inside the iframe does not work. ben leinfelder
12:50 PM Revision 7248 (metacat): get utilities source from the correct checkout location
ben leinfelder
12:50 PM Revision 7247 (metacat): clarify release notes for 2.0.0 (minor)
ben leinfelder
12:50 PM Bug #2084: Pathquery support for temporal search on date fields
Invalid dates are allowed into Metacat 2.0.0 if the eml is 2.0.1.
I thought those were supposed to be caught.
If you...
gastil gastil
11:01 AM Revision 7246 (metacat): correct Javadoc link
ben leinfelder
10:23 AM Revision 7245 (metacat): Minor logging change.
Chris Jones
10:19 AM Bug #5620: access order="denyFirst" now means public deny (except pre-existing docs)
Results of pathQuery:
In the current inventory on the LTER metacat, the only occurance of access order="denyFirst" a...
gastil gastil
10:07 AM Bug #5620 (Resolved): access order="denyFirst" now means public deny (except pre-existing docs)
This is a feature, not a bug:
Metacat 2.0.0 no longer implements denyFirst, only allowFirst.
Ben explained to me ...
gastil gastil
10:01 AM Revision 7244 (metacat): Add debug logging to delete() to understand why we're getting InsufficientKarmaException.
Chris Jones


09:42 PM Bug #5516: continue updating user documentation
Applied Gastil's edits to intro.rst and configuration.rst ben leinfelder
05:46 PM Bug #5516: continue updating user documentation
Minor edits to configuration page: two same-page links and one word change. gastil gastil
04:41 PM Bug #5516: continue updating user documentation
Section 4. Downloading and Installing
Just a presentation issue.
In Firefox, Safari, and chrome, htt...
gastil gastil
04:20 PM Bug #5516: continue updating user documentation
diff -u intro.rst intro_mgb.rst
--- intro.rst 2012-06-05 13:15:16.000000000 -0700
+++ intro_mgb.rst 2012-06...
gastil gastil
04:12 PM Bug #5516: continue updating user documentation
Edits to metacat/trunk/docs/user/metacat/metacat/source/intro.rst
The edited version is attached. Matt said to prov...
gastil gastil
09:42 PM Revision 7243 (metacat): apply Gastil's edits.
ben leinfelder
09:20 PM Revision 7242 (metacat): add section about configuring the with the paths to the server certificate and key
ben leinfelder
07:02 PM Revision 7241 (metacat): remove unused replication properties (all certificate file based now)
ben leinfelder
06:25 PM Bug #5619 (Resolved): metacat homepage Login anchor link not connected to id
On the metacat homepage or first-page, knb/style/skins/default/index.jsp, the (Login) link to #loginanchor goes nowhe... gastil gastil
04:46 PM Revision 7240 (metacat): use 1.0.1 DataONE jars
ben leinfelder
04:44 PM Revision 7239 (metacat): use KNB identifier table (post DOI generation) to update LTER identifier table. ben leinfelder
03:34 PM Revision 7238 (metacat): exclude the MockObjectPathMap class from the test target since it is not a junit test.
Jing Tao
03:22 PM Revision 7237 (metacat): exclude QueryRunner in test target. This is not a junit test file.
Jing Tao
02:07 PM Revision 7236 (metacat): Since we already have determined access via isAuthorized() and isAdminAuthorized(), act as the Metacat administrator during calls to DocumentImpl.delete() in archive(), passing in null username and group.
Chris Jones
12:37 PM Bug #5616: See bug #5615 for EML
Gastil and Margaret will examine current skins on
find critical missing parts o...
Margaret O'Brien
11:48 AM Bug #5616 (Resolved): See bug #5615 for EML
For good Metacat public relations, it is essential that EML documents be well- and completely presented.
The EML d...
Margaret O'Brien


09:32 PM Bug #5597: eml xsl templates incomplete
included in default EML stylesheets for Metacat 2.0.0 RC2 ben leinfelder
08:49 PM Revision 7234 (metacat): restrict getLogRecrods (both MN and CN) to be called only by admin users (the CN) ben leinfelder
08:15 PM Revision 7233 (metacat): use updated tag for EML stylesheet-only changes ben leinfelder
08:04 PM Revision 7232 (metacat): use updated tag for EML stylesheet-only changes ben leinfelder

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