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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
468 Bug Resolved Immediate TLS between ldap server and metacat Jing Tao 08/16/2006 10:22 AM
2503 Bug Resolved Normal Metacat Servlet action=spatial_query returns incorrect results Matthew Perry 07/31/2006 02:53 PM
2467 Bug Resolved Normal IE auto-stretch does not display correctly with eml-2.0.0 data packages Saurabh Garg 06/30/2006 03:42 PM
2466 Bug Resolved Normal knb skin does not auto-stretch correctly on IE Saurabh Garg 06/30/2006 08:51 AM
2371 Bug Resolved Normal Replication problem with links with '&' Saurabh Garg 06/30/2006 08:24 AM
2311 Bug Resolved Immediate modify stylesheets to display citation format Will Tyburczy 01/20/2006 09:12 AM
2317 Bug Resolved Immediate modify ldapweb.cgi to restrict account creation Saurabh Garg 01/19/2006 11:28 AM
2312 Bug Resolved Immediate finalize header graphic for ESA registry Callie Bowdish 01/19/2006 11:16 AM
2207 Bug Resolved Normal Advanced Search integration Duane Costa 12/13/2005 01:56 PM
2060 Bug Resolved Immediate Documents not indexed because of error generated during indexing of documents Saurabh Garg 12/08/2005 10:24 AM
2136 Bug Resolved Normal Replicate deleted documents in Replication Jing Tao 12/08/2005 10:22 AM
2091 Bug Resolved Normal Don't determine document namespace by "schemaLocation" attribute Saurabh Garg 12/08/2005 10:19 AM
2222 Bug Resolved Normal Bug in squery when using not-contains Saurabh Garg 12/08/2005 10:13 AM
2158 Bug Resolved Normal Metacat Performance on KNB: Bring the logging level down on ecoinfo. Saurabh Garg 12/08/2005 10:13 AM
2154 Bug Resolved Normal Metacat Performace: Configurable path condition indices Saurabh Garg 12/08/2005 10:11 AM
2211 Bug Resolved Normal automatically insert pubDate on registry submission Saurabh Garg 10/04/2005 11:46 AM
2214 Bug Resolved Normal Submitting lat/long coordinates in spatial coverage section Saurabh Garg 10/04/2005 11:45 AM
2220 Bug Resolved Normal Temporal coverage on Data Registry form Saurabh Garg 10/04/2005 11:44 AM
2215 Bug Resolved Normal NCEAS skin: NCEAS Project(s) should be a required field Saurabh Garg 09/30/2005 02:47 PM
2217 Bug Resolved Normal Change output text for Usage rights Saurabh Garg 09/30/2005 02:16 PM
2218 Bug Resolved Normal Data medium info not saved in editing mode Saurabh Garg 09/30/2005 01:56 PM
1698 Bug Resolved Normal Secure replication method Jing Tao 09/27/2005 05:00 PM
1236 Bug Resolved Normal enhancement to metacat: overall access controls Jing Tao 09/27/2005 04:56 PM
1238 Bug Resolved Normal postgresql JDBC config problem in metacat Jing Tao 09/27/2005 04:54 PM
2168 Bug Resolved Normal Persisting delta-time replication setings in Jing Tao 09/08/2005 05:08 PM
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