From 05/14/2014 to 06/12/2014


05:30 PM Task #6568 (Resolved): Add info windows to markers and tiles
Markers will behave like they did in the old MetacatUI mapping.
Tiles should display a similar popup window with a...
Lauren Walker
05:29 PM Task #6567 (Resolved): Create a better scale for coloring of the tiles
Tile colors change relative to their count value. Colors darken as the count increases.
The brightness should be ...
Lauren Walker
05:26 PM Task #6564 (Resolved): Map the geohash counts as tiles rather than clusters
Lauren Walker
05:24 PM Task #6561: Allow different map options for different themes
Create a Map model will different settings for the map and its tiles Lauren Walker
05:06 PM Bug #6526 (In Progress): Can't open on IE 8
It looks like IE 8 and earlier does not allow use of the console functions, like console.log, unless developer tools ... Lauren Walker
04:57 PM Feature #6519 (Resolved): Format view counts in the search results with commas
Lauren Walker
04:56 PM Task #6566 (Resolved): Design how derived datasets will look in search results and the metadata view
Design a mockup for how datasets with derived data will look in the UI. The primary data source will want to referenc... Lauren Walker
04:52 PM Story #6319 (Resolved): Filter spatial data by centroid totally encompassed in the map viewport rather than bounding box encompassed in the map viewport
Lauren Walker
04:51 PM Feature #6483 (In Progress): Create "filter" views and models to control the search filters
I've made some changes to the Search model so that the filters are controlled in a central location. I may still crea... Lauren Walker
11:43 AM Bug #6457: safari gives cert error and fails to load UI
More and more people are telling us they get these Safari errors, especially as LeeAnne promotes the KNB and gets it ... ben leinfelder


09:37 AM Task #6564 (Resolved): Map the geohash counts as tiles rather than clusters
Since the clusters are very grid-like anyway, we decided that it may be worthwhile to try mapping the geohashes as a ... Lauren Walker


11:17 AM Bug #6563 (Resolved): Return to Page 1 when user zooms in on map
An error occurs when:
- a user is browsing data on a high page number (e.g. 700)
- she zooms in on the map
- a n...
Lauren Walker
10:16 AM Task #6562 (New): Do not send query for geohashes and autocomplete facets when navigating to different page in results
Since our map is no longer tied to the paging, there is no need to trigger a full new search and remap the results ev... Lauren Walker
10:13 AM Task #6561 (Resolved): Allow different map options for different themes
This may result in creating a Map model or just adding it to the AppModel, or just pulling in a JSON file.
This i...
Lauren Walker
10:10 AM Task #6560 (Resolved): Scale clusters based on geohash level
The clusters are now scaled based on the current geohash level and the dataset density. The highest density level ( >... Lauren Walker


02:10 PM Task #6560 (Resolved): Scale clusters based on geohash level
The clusters are roughly scaled right now, but to avoid overlap I should use radiuses based on the geohash box area a... Lauren Walker
02:02 PM Task #6559 (Resolved): Draw markers on the map when the geohash facet count is small
Draw markers on the map to represent individual markers when the geohash facet count is less than 3 or so. The thresh... Lauren Walker
01:42 PM Feature #6514 (In Progress): Retrieve facets of the geohashes for all search results and map those facets
A first draft of the new map has been checked in.
The /#data DataCatalogView now retrieves the facets for all leve...
Lauren Walker


11:42 AM Feature #6399 (Resolved): Transition the NCEAS metacat skin to the metacatui theming system
Lauren Walker


08:50 AM Feature #6551 (Resolved): Do not display the labels in the metadataIndex view with camel case
Lauren Walker

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