From 05/08/2015 to 06/06/2015


10:15 AM Task #6766 (Resolved): Navigating back to search results doesnt always have the same map zoom
Lauren Walker
09:10 AM Task #6747 (Rejected): Check cross-browser visual consistency and functionality
Duplicate ticket - same as #6774 Lauren Walker
09:08 AM Task #6774: Find bugs and inconsistencies in different browsers and OS
Current browser version popularity will determine which browsers to test on. Attached spreadsheet taken from http://g... Lauren Walker


10:58 AM Task #6779 (Resolved): Test high load conditions
Test what the interface would look like if there are ~500 users making Solr requests at the same time Lauren Walker
10:56 AM Feature #6778 (Resolved): Create Help page for describing MetacatUI
Describe each filter type, how the results are drawn on the map, etc. Lauren Walker
10:55 AM Feature #6229 (New): Make results list resizeable via jQueryUI Resizeable functionality
Opening this feature back up since the map interface has changed and this may be easier to do now. Lauren Walker
10:53 AM Feature #6777 (New): Use ITIS API for semantic searching using the taxon filter
Use the ITIS API to search for taxonomic synonyms and name changes/deprecations when a user does a taxon filter search. Lauren Walker
10:45 AM Task #6631: Add downloads chart to the Stats View using the log agg Solr index
changing to low priority and v1.8.0 Lauren Walker
10:43 AM Task #6752: See if Gmaps can allow more precise zooming in
Matt, Mike Frame, Rachael Volentine, and I met and discussed that there is no immediate solution to this issue and it... Lauren Walker
10:41 AM Task #6694 (Resolved): UX evaluation
Mike Frame, Matt Jones, Rachael Volentine, and I met on June 3 and discussed a timeline for getting MetacatUI 1.7.0 r... Lauren Walker
09:54 AM Task #6776: Move the Google Map controls to the top-left corner
And reverse the order of them so the map type dropdown doesn't overlap the zoom controls Lauren Walker
09:53 AM Task #6776 (Resolved): Move the Google Map controls to the top-left corner
So they are near the "Hide Map" control. Lauren Walker
09:51 AM Task #6775 (Resolved): Filter list shows whited-out boxes on high resolution displays
Seen on Matt's screenshare.
When a new search is sent, the page is loading and the filter box has 2-3 white boxes...
Lauren Walker


05:07 PM Task #6774 (Resolved): Find bugs and inconsistencies in different browsers and OS
Lauren Walker
05:06 PM Task #6773 (Resolved): Have a stable deployment of search interface and index for UA team testing by early July
Lauren Walker
05:05 PM Task #6772 (Resolved): Add "Jump to" and "Go to" input in navigation bar to jump to metadata page, given an ID
Lauren Walker
05:05 PM Task #6771 (Resolved): Identifier filter should query for partial matches
Not an exact match Lauren Walker
05:02 PM Task #6770 (Resolved): Test search interface with slow network connection
Lauren Walker
02:31 PM Bug #6769 (Resolved): Question mark icons next to "data covers" and "published between" don't show anything
Under the year filter, there are questions marks next to "Data covers" and "published between", but nothing shows up ... Yiwei Wang
10:10 AM Task #6768 (New): Consider a back button for the search map
Taken from the UA team evaluation report. Lauren Walker
10:08 AM Task #6694 (In Progress): UX evaluation
Lauren Walker


03:59 PM Task #6763 (Resolved): Member node filters are a little buggy
everything working smoothly now Lauren Walker
03:00 PM Feature #6767 (New): Allow search terms to be grouped by "OR"
Search for when the user types in " OR " between search phrases and use that in the search query Lauren Walker
01:55 PM Task #6766 (Resolved): Navigating back to search results doesnt always have the same map zoom
From Yiwei Wang:
For example, if i zoom in to an area with 3 datasets, i can see 3 search results in the center colu...
Lauren Walker
01:11 PM Task #6765 (Resolved): Bugs with zooming in and out on the Gmaps interface
I need to fix several issues that I and others have noticed with the Gmap interface. Some general testing needs to ha... Lauren Walker


09:32 AM Bug #6764 (Resolved): The year filter is 1970-1970 when no results are found
The year filter should just be something like 1800-2015 instead Lauren Walker
09:32 AM Task #6763 (Resolved): Member node filters are a little buggy
- The Member Node filters are being added to the query as "AND" so that selecting more than one Member Node is not re... Lauren Walker
09:29 AM Task #6762 (Resolved): User testing at DUG July 12
User testing should commence before the DataONE theme is production-ready Lauren Walker
09:28 AM Task #6694 (Resolved): UX evaluation
Lauren Walker
09:27 AM Story #6160 (Resolved): Make MetacatUI mobile-friendly
Its not totally perfect but everything is readable and accessible on mobile devices now Lauren Walker
09:21 AM Task #6632 (Resolved): Display the Member Node logo in the Metadata View in the DataONE theme
Lauren Walker


03:23 PM Bug #6761 (Resolved): Multiple geographic site maps are not being drawn
Just the same one over and over:
Lauren Walker
03:22 PM Bug #6760 (Resolved): On map, zoom to the position of the most relevant geographic site, not just the first one
Example dataset had sites from Alaska to Baja California. Zooming in on the tile in Baja and hovering over the result... Lauren Walker
11:05 AM Task #6737 (Rejected): Use Solr 4 subquerying to determine if a metadata doc is in a package with a prov trace
For now we just send another query to retrieve all the members of each package and check each for a prov trace. Lauren Walker
11:04 AM Task #6708 (Resolved): Differentiate the prov chart nodes in some way from each other
The nodes are now different colors Lauren Walker
10:53 AM Bug #6759 (Resolved): "Clear all filters" shows when sort order has changed
Because something has changed with the search model, even though it is not a filter Lauren Walker


02:29 PM Feature #6646 (Resolved): Redirect users to the Metadata view when a non-metadata id is passed to the /#view URL
Lauren Walker


03:42 PM Feature #6697 (Resolved): Add tooltip for each filter type
Lauren Walker


02:42 PM Task #6748 (Resolved): The first data coverage year is not being used in the year slider
This functionality now exists - the repository will be searched for the earliest data coverage year and latest data c... Lauren Walker


04:48 PM Task #6749 (Resolved): Taxon search not working in DataONE theme
Lauren Walker
04:39 PM Task #6753 (Resolved): Clearing filters not working
Lauren Walker
04:17 PM Task #6751 (Resolved): Replace the folder icon
Lauren Walker
03:14 PM Task #6750 (Resolved): Use the loading template in the search result list while it is loading
Lauren Walker
02:42 PM Task #6721 (Resolved): Use a DataONE favicon in the DataONE theme
Lauren Walker
01:01 PM Task #6720 (Resolved): Replace the DataONE theme navigation when the site gets updated
Lauren Walker


11:06 AM Bug #6758 (Resolved): Metadata of formatId not displaying
The MetadataView was having issues displaying the response using the jQuery .load() function, so it now manually does... Lauren Walker
10:44 AM Bug #6758 (Resolved): Metadata of formatId not displaying
On KNB on Friday, many metadata docs of formatID were uploaded by t... Lauren Walker

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