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  1.X.0 23 Collapse all/Expand all
7162 Bug Packages with at least one private object can't be downloaded New Normal Lauren Walker 1.X.0
  2.0.0 8 Collapse all/Expand all
6810 Feature Create detailed user documentation for MetacatUI New Normal Lauren Walker 2.0.0
6879 Bug Popover box in Google Maps does not always display New Normal Lauren Walker 2.0.0
6947 Task Add MN Services display to search result views New Normal Lauren Walker 2.0.0
6948 Task Display loosely-coupled services in the Metadata View for datasets New Low Lauren Walker 2.0.0
6967 Bug If the most recent version of a metadata record is archived, the "there is a newer version..." message does not display New Normal Lauren Walker 2.0.0
7040 Story A client side data and metadata manager and editor In Progress Normal Chris Jones 2.0.0
7071 Feature Add a table of contents to the Metadata View for easier navigation New Normal Lauren Walker 2.0.0
7106 Story Retrieve an EML doc and parse into model attributes New Normal 2.0.0
  2.X.0 1 Collapse all/Expand all
7051 Task Develop a 'Move Dataset Levels' use case New Normal Lauren Walker 2.X.0
  (blank) 88 Collapse all/Expand all
5953 Feature Design and implement 'Your Collections' feature New Normal
5958 Feature Implement Featured Data query and display New Normal
5972 Feature Implement pre-caching of one or more prior and next result pages for faster page transitions New Normal Matt Jones
5977 Feature Port web-based data-registry to backbone/bootstrap New Normal
5979 Task Choose new site name In Progress Normal Matt Jones
5980 Task Add result thumbnails to results listing New Normal
5982 Feature Plans page New Normal Matt Jones
5986 Task Mechanism to flag data as featured for the query New Normal
5988 Task Create mechanism to associate images for slide show with featured data New Normal
5995 Feature Add Most Cited section to pre-canned sidebar searches New Normal
6013 Story KNB rebranding New Normal
6044 Bug Enable sub-text searching in Solr queries In Progress Normal Chris Jones
6103 Bug Sort by Identifier sorts capitalized letters separately from undercase letters New Normal
6147 Task Add ability to set logo and brand for group New Normal
6317 Feature Add delete button to the Metadata view for archiving objects New Normal Lauren Walker
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