From 12/15/2002 to 01/13/2003


03:05 PM Bug #946 (Resolved): change monarch to get steps from metacat
currently monarch is getting pipelines from metacat but it gets the steps from a
directory on the filesystem. that ...
Chad Berkley
02:32 PM Bug #516: Examine Ptolemy architecture for adaptation to Monarch
retargeted to alpha2 Chad Berkley
02:31 PM Bug #521: design and implement monarch servlet/web service
a simple one is mostly done. there are two servlets. one is the xml
programmatic interface to monarch. the other i...
Chad Berkley
02:30 PM Bug #520: evaluate eml packages and dataItemCollections
dataItemCollection has been removed in favor of a caching system. Chad Berkley
02:30 PM Bug #519: version control and storage of steps/pipelines/output
done. using metacat in prealpha 1 Chad Berkley
02:29 PM Bug #518: develop useful, realistic steps and pipelines for testing
this bug, as written is done. We still need to build a bigger library of steps
and pipelines.
Chad Berkley
02:29 PM Bug #517: implement plugins for SAS, Matlab, R
the SAS one is done and the Matlab one is mostly done. will have an R plugin
Chad Berkley
02:28 PM Bug #515: redesign pipeline specification and model
done in new monarch design Chad Berkley
02:28 PM Bug #514: design step specification and model
done in new monarch desing Chad Berkley
02:27 PM Bug #513: plugin architecture for metadata standards
this is done in the new monarch design. Chad Berkley
02:27 PM Bug #322: "wireframe" interface for configuring data/analysis pipelines
retarget to alpha 2 Chad Berkley
02:26 PM Bug #321: morpho plugin for feeding data to analytical engine
retarget to alpha 2 Chad Berkley
02:26 PM Bug #311: feed data from metacat to QA engine
this bug has been taken into condideration in the new design of monarch. Chad Berkley
02:24 PM Bug #945 (In Progress): investigate semantic additions to monarch
we need to investigate possible ways to add semantic mediation to monarch and
then implement it. This includes vari...
Chad Berkley
02:19 PM Bug #944 (In Progress): write eml -> nbii xsl sheet
need to write an xsl stylesheet to convert eml to nbii. this will be used to
fulfill a marine requirement to do so....
Chad Berkley
02:17 PM Bug #943 (Resolved): design xslt plugin for monarch
designe an xslt engine plugin for monarch. The plugin would execute a pipeline
with an xsl stylesheet and an xml do...
Chad Berkley


09:58 AM Bug #226: redesign of QA engine
Redesign is done, and large parts of it are implemented. See CVS
monarch/docs/dev for details of the new design. SH...
Matt Jones
09:56 AM Bug #228: Initial design of data integration engine
Probably postponed indefinitely. Matt Jones

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