From 09/03/2001 to 10/02/2001


09:10 AM Bug #289 (Resolved): Problem with Morpho handling DTD entity declarations
DTD parser and ArborText catalog system do no handle entity declarations inside
DTDs correctly. Currently, fully exp...
Dan Higgins
09:07 AM Bug #288 (Resolved): Need activity indication when awaiting response from Metacat
Some Metacat requests take noticable amounts of time. There needs to be some
indication of activity while waiting fo...
Dan Higgins


10:50 AM Bug #260: acl handling for packages needs to be updated
I am going to hold off on this bug until after we decide what our different
relationships should be. The problem is,...
Chad Berkley


01:41 PM Bug #281 (Resolved): connection and other errors on Solaris
I get the following error when running the website 1.0.0beta1 version of Morpho
on a SunOS 5.5.1. The error occurs...
don sutton
10:07 AM Bug #262: make text fields editable in pop-up text editor
Editing has been improved in other ways, with configurable components. This bug
no longer needed.
Matt Jones


02:32 PM Bug #236: improve handling of query options
Fixed. Query options are now handled under a new tab in the query dialog. There
is also a "save defaults" button the...
Matt Jones
02:29 PM Bug #165: taxonomic search facility
Added support for looking up taxonomic synonyms using the ITIS system. This uses
the separate itislib library for doi...
Matt Jones


03:01 PM Bug #239: search dialog allows user to uncheck both catalog and local search
Done. Fixed by inserting an ItemListener on the two checkboxes and only
allowing deselection if the other checkbox i...
Matt Jones

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