From 02/15/2002 to 03/16/2002


09:46 AM Bug #410: need to use more descriptive relationships in building triple statements
Discussions at NCEAS on 3/13/2002 indicated that using sentences for
relationships is highly desired for user readabi...
Dan Higgins


11:38 AM Bug #397: editor resizes very slowly
Editor resizing speeded up; first displayed without changing layout. A second
process then redraws to better match th...
Dan Higgins
11:35 AM Bug #402: can't update data files in current Morpho UI
Ability to edit data while displayed in a table and then then submit those
changes is now enabled.
Dan Higgins
11:31 AM Bug #201: add https support to client framework
Various requirements for HTTPS on the client side have been added to Morpho, but
not tested. Need to get an HTTPS ver...
Dan Higgins


03:56 PM Bug #402: can't update data files in current Morpho UI
In attempting to update data files, it was discovered that Metacat apparently
does not allow a simple version increme...
Dan Higgins


12:01 PM Bug #439 (Resolved): Table Popup menu options should also appear in application menu
Popup menu selections that appear with right click should also appear in
persistent application menu. This is partic...
Dan Higgins
09:00 AM Bug #438: Intermittent Version Numbering Problem
Further study of this bug shows that it probably happens when a document other
than the dataset doc is edited. The ed...
Dan Higgins


12:01 PM Bug #438: Intermittent Version Numbering Problem
The observation about transaction support is also something we have recognized
as a need for Metacat. Bug 213 descri...
Matt Jones
11:16 AM Bug #438 (Resolved): Intermittent Version Numbering Problem
If one creates a datapackage and then repeatedly changes one of the documents in
the package (e.g. the eml-access do...
Dan Higgins


03:03 PM Bug #426: data package displays wrong info
fixed by moving initialization of string variables inside the originator loop. Dan Higgins
02:36 PM Bug #424: Memory Problems with Big DataPackages
JVM now set to ask for 128M of memory rather than the default of 64M. This
should solve most memory problems for mach...
Dan Higgins
02:35 PM Bug #423: Change Default to Use TextImport Wizard
default choice changed Dan Higgins
02:34 PM Bug #397: editor resizes very slowly
Resizing delays due to recalculation of nested panels. A change in the code now
resizes immediately and then updates ...
Dan Higgins
02:29 PM Bug #389: editable grid confusing in text import wizard
Data table has been modified so that grid cells are no longer editable Dan Higgins
02:29 PM Bug #370: xml output contains incorrect leading space
Extra leading space eliminated Dan Higgins
02:24 PM Bug #369: unnecessary menus in text import wizard
menu and toolbar have been removed. DataPackage wizard now has a checkbox to
indicate that a datafile should be used ...
Dan Higgins
02:19 PM Bug #388: Column Definition field header in wrong place
fixed in new TextImportWizardLayout Dan Higgins
02:18 PM Bug #376: Allow the user to enter code definitions
The simple list of distinct items in a column has been replaced by a 2 column
table so that code definitions can be e...
Dan Higgins
02:16 PM Bug #353: Text Import Wizard does not allow Min/Max input
Min and Max input fields added to TextImportWizard Dan Higgins


01:18 PM Bug #434 (Resolved): Copying root nodes in XML editor
The Morpho XML editor allows the copying and pasting of tree nodes (and their
children). Currently, copying the root...
Dan Higgins

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