From 08/10/2004 to 09/08/2004


10:18 AM Bug #1670 (Resolved): Link provided to access data is wrong
After adding data, such as an Excel table, to an existing dp, oftentimes the
user receives a message saying that th...
Andrea Andrea
10:12 AM Bug #1669 (New): Adding Project Information causes invalid eml 2 warning
After adding Project information to a dp using the Morpho Editor and
clicking "OK", an error message pops up saying...
Andrea Andrea
10:01 AM Bug #1668 (Resolved): Second geographic coverage section inserted after clicking "Show All"
After opening a dp in Morpho, opening the Editor, and clicking "Show All", an
extra (blank) geographic coverage sec...
Andrea Andrea


06:26 PM Bug #1667 (New): Couldn't send data file to metacat using a download package
When I use morpho to copy a eml2 package from metacat1 to metacat2 and found
this problem.
I have a eml2 document...
Jing Tao


01:45 PM Bug #1657 (New): Repeatable <online>, <inline> tags in tree editor
Repeatable <online>, <inline> tags allowed in the tree editor. So using the
tree editor, I can create the following...
Saurabh Garg
01:38 PM Bug #1656 (New): <para> should be repeatable in Morpho tree editor
According to the config file (eml.xml) para is non-repeatable tag - but
according to eml schema, it is repeatable.
Saurabh Garg

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