From 01/14/2005 to 02/12/2005


01:47 PM Bug #1944 (Resolved): Text Import Wizard crash: loosing entered info
When I’m in the Text Import Wizard and I’m done defining all my attributes, I
hit “Import”, which brings up the last...
Veronique Connolly


03:15 PM Bug #1715: New package window is not set to visible

I will ask Michael to test this.
I am closing the bug for now.
Saurabh Garg


09:37 AM Bug #1799: Losing data tables when using “Export”
Also could try:
5. Check for naming conflict before writing the file, and if a file already
exists withthe same name...
Matt Jones
09:15 AM Bug #1799: Losing data tables when using “Export”

Fixed. (Replaced return with continue in the for loop)
Another issue I found with export:
When a datapackage has t...
Saurabh Garg


06:06 PM Bug #1770: Using Revert Tab in Data Table panel
When the data is modified, the version of the data in the memory is modified.
And when the user selects 'revert tab'...
Saurabh Garg


05:19 PM Bug #1710: taxonomicClassificationSystem not created correctly from GUI

The problem is with the defining a citaion as report. According to EML, none of
the report tags are required. And t...
Saurabh Garg

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