From 02/28/2009 to 03/29/2009


09:24 AM Bug #3919 (New): the 'tab' key should behave consistently when through form fields
A user filling out a form often uses the 'Tab' key to move to the next field. Sometimes in morpho, the tab key stays ... Margaret O'Brien
08:56 AM Bug #3918: on macintosh, non-admin users cannot write the file accesslist.xml
screenshot with error msg Margaret O'Brien
08:55 AM Bug #3918 (Resolved): on macintosh, non-admin users cannot write the file accesslist.xml
A user was logged into a mac as a non-admin user, and tried to add an access rule from the LDAP tree tool. She got th... Margaret O'Brien


09:41 AM Bug #345: pick lists for controlled vocabularies
created new bug for taxonomic coverage - closing this bug ben leinfelder
09:41 AM Bug #3897 (New): Controlled vocabulary for Taxonomic Coverage
The pluggable controlled vocabulary UI is useful for keywordSets, but also the same widget could be used for picking ... ben leinfelder
09:18 AM Bug #3678: Incorporate FIRST features for generalized vocabulary lookup
this has been incorporated into the Morpho tree for 1.7 ben leinfelder


04:50 PM Bug #345: pick lists for controlled vocabularies
Is this controlled vocabulary pick list complete enough to be closed for the 1.7 release? If so, can you open...
Matt Jones


02:25 PM Bug #3873 (Resolved): "Enter Information about Owners" wizard reorders dataset creators
I used the Documentation->Owners menu to add people from one dataset to another. I added people in a particular order... Margaret O'Brien
02:03 PM Bug #3872 (New): opening a "previous version" and resaving locally wrote over the last most recent version
package obrien.1 has 3 revisions (1,2,3 all locally saved). I opened rev 3, and then chose "open previous version", p... Margaret O'Brien

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