From 08/27/2003 to 09/25/2003


04:05 PM Bug #1148 (Resolved): quickly resolvable bug: taxonCover not appearing on plot view
TaxonCover doesn't appear in the plot-view. This is probably b/c it isn't being
written to the XML right. For exam...
Michael Lee


11:27 AM Bug #1140 (Resolved): Better delimit results of certification request so they are more readable
The certification request now gets emailed in this format:
VegBank Administrator: The fo...
Michael Lee
09:05 AM Bug #715: Mechanism to add new communities, one at a time, web interface
this is analagous to loading plants one at a time, as described in bug 723 Michael Lee
08:59 AM Bug #712: Update the forms for querying plants then communities
let's wait until 1.1 to build a new query page. Our current one gets the job
done for now.
Michael Lee


05:19 PM Bug #1077: document in CVS: Preload the database with standard methods, references, journals
This is complete in the sense that the database is preloaded successfully. It
is not yet documented completely how w...
Michael Lee
05:16 PM Bug #863: Evaluate: Simple Query (rewrite views for query)
bug 712 has to do with querying plants/communities which is a bit different from
this bug, which deals with querying ...
Michael Lee
12:08 PM Bug #863: Evaluate: Simple Query (rewrite views for query)
I agree with Bob in that the simpler query (with all states) is easier to
maintain. It would be helpful, after we wo...
Michael Lee
05:11 PM Bug #715: Mechanism to add new communities, one at a time, web interface
This probably needs to be a 1.0.1 bug. For now, I have a prototype of how we
could better add plants here:
Michael Lee
12:18 PM Bug #869: XML export:implement corrections
This bug deals with the old XML, which the system still uses in some places, I
don't know how much of the system uses...
Michael Lee


04:45 PM Bug #869: XML export:implement corrections
I think this bug is redundant in the light of bug 870, waiting for aggrement on
this point.
Why bug fix a redundant ...
Gabriel Farrell
04:38 PM Bug #779: Build validation package:Compare values against picklists
I will try to implement this new feature as part of the XML import step.
Gabriel Farrell
04:35 PM Bug #712: Update the forms for querying plants then communities
My last comment is invalid comment #6
See comment #5 links for the new design. Basically a new query page for the
Gabriel Farrell


11:12 AM Bug #560: purchase and set up tape backup for vegbank
After discussing with JH and Colby, I suggest that we DO NOT install a tape
drive on vegbank just yet. Instead, we c...
P. Anderson
02:13 AM Bug #863: Evaluate: Simple Query (rewrite views for query)
As Mark suggests, when viewing the picklists for construction of a query it
makes much sense to display only those v...
Robert Peet


05:16 PM Bug #1138: floristicQuality Table
No problem. But I changed the corresponding names to tables in Appendix 1 and
2 of the standards document to reflec...
Michael Jennings
05:10 PM Bug #1138: floristicQuality Table

We have a bunch of tables that have less than the optimal names. It would be
nice if these were fixed. However, r...
Robert Peet
04:46 PM Bug #1138 (Resolved): floristicQuality Table
The name of this and similar tables should be changed to something
like "obsQuality_Flora", or "taxaResolution_Qual...
Michael Jennings


04:13 PM Bug #863: Evaluate: Simple Query (rewrite views for query)
What is the official status of this bug today?
How does it relate to bug 712?
P. Anderson


05:53 PM Bug #771: Loader rectification tools:Picklists: closed (and open?)
The above sounds like a great solution. We need something like this. How
much time will it take to implement, and ...
Robert Peet

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