Robert Gales





09:06 AM SEEK Bug #1760: Decide on TCS version to work from
My opinion is that we use the version proposed at TDWG (v0.85) and just replace
the "placeholder" types with the corr...
08:50 AM SEEK Bug #1765: Investigate Hibernate for database and parser abstraction
Parser dependency removed because hibernate (at least from what I've read) will
not help with parsing XML, but just c...


02:34 PM SEEK Bug #1663 (New): Create web prototype
By TDWG - Create a web-based prototype of the current version of the Taxon
service that is easily modified for futur...


09:12 AM SEEK Bug #1618 (In Progress): Fix rank representation in db
The current representation of rank does not fully support the Napier schema for
adding a concept to the Taxon cache.


03:12 PM SEEK Bug #1604: Convert ITIS database dump to TES
Converted ITIS mammals only as a test instance of the TES for implementation of
enterProviderData. The instance of t...


12:48 PM SEEK Bug #1604 (Resolved): Convert ITIS database dump to TES
Convert the latest pipe-delimited database dump from ITIS into an instance of
the TES for testing enterProviderData
12:46 PM SEEK Bug #1603 (In Progress): Implement addConcept
Add implementation of addConcept as a public SOAP accessible method
12:39 PM SEEK Bug #1575: Modify or add objects to match new Taxonomic Exchange Schema
Added two classes for handling "according to", namely CAccordingTo and
CDetailedAccordingTo. Likewise for publicatio...


09:47 AM SEEK Bug #1578: Modify Ant build so Tomcat is functional on both Linux and Windows
Build files were modified to allow an instance of Tomcat to be created and
started from within the build process on b...
09:43 AM SEEK Bug #1449: Implement at least two similarity algorithms
Two algorithms, one that does token matching and weights the taxonomic name as
the most important field and one that ...

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