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misc morpho issues needed for release

Added by Matt Jones almost 19 years ago. Updated almost 19 years ago.

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These are issues I encountered while test driving the 1.5alpha1 release.

1) Remove "Conversion to EML2 Complete" dialog message
2) Change "Associate Party" => "Associated Party" in eml stylesheets
3) Why is "Thesaurus" set to nrs.11.2 during conversion? Remove thesaurus field
if there's no logical value to be placed there.
4) Can the tree editor use the party screen for metadataProvider like it does
for creator? How about associatedParty?
5) In TIW, "Help" button opens window that is scrolled tot the bottom -- put
cursor at top before showing it
6) In TIW "Help" screen, change phrase "interval for most some purposes" to
"interval for some purposes"
7) When a package that is changed is closed (using window close control), need
to prompt user to save or discard changes so they don't lose data
8) DPW first screen, add space before "(EML)"
9) On DPW "Define Keyword Set" dialog, disable label and textfield for thesaurus
unless "These keywords are chosen from a predefined list" is selected. If
diabling isn't visually distinctive, possibly hide the field
10) In DPW "Research Project", when adding personnel I chose an existing person
from the list, and when I clicked ok the party did not show up in the list of
personnel. Even entering a person manually after that did not result in an entry
in the list. This is probably a bug.
11) DPW Step 11...also summarize how to add a new table to the package after
they click finish.
12) Access rule for "public" is not showing up properly in the metadata display
screens or the exported metadata.html file. Probably a problem in the xslt.

Actions #1

Updated by Dan Higgins almost 19 years ago

1), 3), and 4) bugs fixed. (Higgins)

Actions #2

Updated by Dan Higgins almost 19 years ago

5) and 6) fixed

Actions #3

Updated by Dan Higgins almost 19 years ago

2) fixed

Actions #4

Updated by Saurabh Garg almost 19 years ago

fixed 8 and 9
in 10: Entering a person manually now adds it to the list. If picked from the
list, it doesnt add to the list because it is supposed to be a reference. This
can be changed if wanted.

Actions #5

Updated by Matt Jones almost 19 years ago

Regarding 10) I think that even references should show up in the list, as the
user needs some visual indication that the entry exists, and needs a way to
delete the entry if they decide to. The only problem comes with editing: you
can either a) disable editing for references, or b) enable editing but edit the
original party entry wherever it exists. I prefer b) because it gives the user
more options, but you'll need to indicate to them that changing the party's info
on the reference screen will effectively change it throughout the document.

Actions #6

Updated by Dan Higgins almost 19 years ago

Item 7) has been fixed. Note that when a datapackage is changed and not yet
saved, its location string is set to "" (i.e. an empty string). The 'close'
method in MorphoFrame now checks the location variable for the current
AbstractDataPackage and asks the user if he/she wants to 'Save' if package has
not been saved.

Actions #7

Updated by Matthew Brooke almost 19 years ago

11) fixed

Actions #8

Updated by Saurabh Garg almost 19 years ago

12) moved to bug# 1209 and discussion on 10) moved to bug# 669.

As rest everything else is fixed, I am closing this bug.

Actions #9

Updated by Redmine Admin over 9 years ago

Original Bugzilla ID was 1243


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