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remove redundant labeling in tree

Added by Laura Downey over 17 years ago. Updated almost 14 years ago.

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if directory is titled "Directors" no need to list the items as "SDF
Director," "CT Director" etc.

(note, even if directors are returned in some search without the benefit of
the directory name, they will have a distinct icon)


#1 Updated by Christopher Brooks over 17 years ago

I'm assuming that we are talking about the tree browser on the left
hand side here.

What Ptolemy has now
SDF Director
CT Director

Edward discussed this at group lunch and pointed out that if we
edited $PTII/ptolemy/configs/basicDirectors.xml and change the name
"SDF Director" to "SDF", then when the user drags the SDF icon into
a graph viewer the green box is labeled "SDF". We would rather
the green box be labeled "SDF Director".

I see the point of having the tree widget on the left avoid redundancy,
but I prefer having the green box have the complete name.

Perhaps one way to implement this would be to add a shortName parameter
that would be used in the tree widget if it was present?


#2 Updated by Laura Downey over 17 years ago

I can understand the concern of the lableing issue of the director when it is
on the canvas -- however, if the director has a distinct icon (which I'm
proposing) then that will serve the purpose of the user recognizing the
director. Additionally, the director is a bit bigger and a different color
scheme, and normally located at top of the workflow and disconnected. So
there are many indicators that something is a director. On top of that there
are only a very small number of directors, and users will learn those
identifiers such as SDF, CT etc.

Removing unnecessary words is my professional recommendation. However, if
some feel strongly that they want to maintain the word director in the
director label, then the idea of just using "SDF," "CT" labels in the tree but
using "SDF Director," "CT Director" as labels for the directors on the canvas
would be a good compromise.

#3 Updated by Aaron Aaron almost 14 years ago

I randomly looked at this old bug and decided to close it out.

#4 Updated by Redmine Admin over 9 years ago

Original Bugzilla ID was 2023

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