From 02/10/2005 to 03/11/2005


03:37 PM Bug #2044 (Resolved): R actor for means and error by group
This bug is to create an actor that wraps an R script (using the generic R actor
described in bug #1342) for calcula...
Matt Jones
03:19 PM Bug #1342: need R actor
OK, to summarize the phone call from last week. We all agree an effiective R
actor needs to provide the following ca...
Matt Jones
03:18 PM Bug #2043 (Resolved): create suite of common statistical actors using R
We need to create a suite of commonly useful analytical actors using the R actor
that is described in bug #1342. The...
Matt Jones
02:36 PM Bug #2035: use checkboxes and radio buttons correctly
it also happens in the port configuration dialog and the actor and director
configuration dialogs.
Matt Jones
01:08 PM Bug #2035 (Resolved): use checkboxes and radio buttons correctly
in some places in the UI, radio buttons are used where checkboxes should be
used, e.g., in the "set plot format" di...
Laura Downey
02:34 PM Bug #2033: provide indication of actor compatibility
This feature of being able to indicate actor compatibility is already
envisioned. The implementation is going to be ...
Matt Jones
01:02 PM Bug #2033 (New): provide indication of actor compatibility
provide some indication to user of actor compatability, e.g, if they have some
actor selected, somehow indicate to ...
Laura Downey
01:14 PM Bug #2038 (Resolved): review and correct information design (e.g., graphical layouts)
by this I mean some of the layout issues such as labels being to far away from
the fields they describe and things ...
Laura Downey
01:11 PM Bug #2036 (In Progress): provide different levels of turning displaying annotations
allow user to turn on and off (display or not display) text annotations at an
individual port level, all ports for ...
Laura Downey
01:03 PM Bug #2034 (Resolved): provide visual indication of default button/choice on windows/dialogs
provide visual indication of default button/choice on windows/dialog boxes Laura Downey
01:00 PM Bug #2032 (Resolved): application should open to main window not web page
application should open to main window (graph editor window) and not web page -
- often the users are confused when ...
Laura Downey
12:56 PM Bug #2031 (Resolved): browse/filter for data and data nodes on the ecogrid and local
provide browsing and filtering mechanims for data and data nodes on the ecogrid Laura Downey
12:54 PM Bug #2030 (Resolved): deal with terminology issues in Kepler
replace programmer centric labels like commit with save, simplify names where
possible, be consistent in use of ter...
Laura Downey
12:50 PM Bug #2029 (In Progress): consider guided analysis wizard
consider developing a guided analysis wizard -- this would be akin to teaching
someone how to build a simple workfl...
Laura Downey
12:48 PM Bug #2028 (In Progress): provide ability to easily visualize data at various places in workflow
provide the user with the capability of visualizing data and results at
various places in the workflow (related to ...
Laura Downey
12:46 PM Bug #2027 (In Progress): provide ability to assign checkpoints in the workflow
provide ability for user to assign checkpoints at various points in the
workflow so that user can check progress an...
Laura Downey
12:45 PM Bug #2025 (Resolved): provide workflow and results in some publishable format
provide a workflow "package" of the workflow and its results in a publishable
format -- this would be more extensiv...
Laura Downey
12:42 PM Bug #2024 (In Progress): provide natural language summary of workflow
it would be extremely useful to users to provide a natural language summary of
a workflow (English language descrip...
Laura Downey
12:40 PM Bug #2023 (Resolved): remove redundant labeling in tree
if directory is titled "Directors" no need to list the items as "SDF
Director," "CT Director" etc.
(note, even i...
Laura Downey
12:36 PM Bug #2005: associate an visual text annotation with a specific actor
this should also be done visually, meaning that if someone annotates an actor
with some text to be displayed that th...
Laura Downey
11:03 AM Bug #2016 (Resolved): MENUS: pop-up context menu revision
Suggested by Laura Downey
This includes both top level and popup menus. Menu labels may need to be changed
to more ...
Dan Higgins
10:57 AM Bug #2015 (New): Provide more meaningful error messages
Suggested by Laura Downey
User oriented error messages needed (rather than stack traces?)
Dan Higgins
10:54 AM Bug #2014 (Resolved): Disallow editing of the schema for data
suggested by Laura Downey
I think this refers to the Digir and EML data source actors and the window that
appear wh...
Dan Higgins
10:52 AM Bug #2013 (Resolved): Allow case insensitive user input
(suggested by Laura Downey)
especially for port information (e.g. port types)
Dan Higgins
10:49 AM Bug #2012 (In Progress): Incorporate combo boxes with pick lists in as many places as possible to minimize user typing and provide knowledge of acceptable choices
(Suggested by Laura Downey)
Setting ports and actor parameters requires user typing in a number of places
where pic...
Dan Higgins
10:46 AM Bug #2011 (In Progress): MENUS: Context Menus - Add Cut/Copy/Paste to all right click popup menus
suggested by Laura Downey (standard practice) Dan Higgins
10:44 AM Bug #2010 (Resolved): Provide Clear/Reset for Search
Suggested by Laura Downey
Already in Actor Search, but not implemented in Data search
Dan Higgins
10:43 AM Bug #2009 (Resolved): Provide Cancel for Search Function
Suggested by Laura Downey Dan Higgins
10:41 AM Bug #2008 (Resolved): Provide real-time feedback for workflow progress as a default
suggested by Laura Downey. This can currently be done in SDF workflows by using
the 'Animate Execution' command unde...
Dan Higgins


05:09 PM Bug #2005 (In Progress): associate an visual text annotation with a specific actor
Annotation actors can be added to an overall workflow but cannot be associated
with specific actors. Only the actor ...
Dan Higgins
11:04 AM Bug #1844: tool tip problems
A bit more information on the tooltip problems. Tooltips work intermittently
for me. It seems that when I drag a ne...
Matt Jones


11:41 AM Bug #1342: need R actor
In his recent comments added to the R-bug in kepler/Bugzilla (#1342), Matt
suggests that we need to create some s...
Dan Higgins
10:57 AM Bug #1999: Very long delays on first startup of new install
In the very short term, could one at a corresponding warning to the download page!? Bertram Ludaescher


03:01 PM Bug #1748: "Get metadata" menu item only works for EML 2.0.0 documents
In ResultRecord class(parent class of EML200DataSource), a field - namespace was
added. After searching, the namespac...
Jing Tao
12:25 PM Bug #1999: Very long delays on first startup of new install
In Ptolemy II, the Jython actor only expands the jar files when
Actors -> More Libraries -> Python is opened in the a...
Christopher Brooks
11:39 AM Bug #1999 (Resolved): Very long delays on first startup of new install
There is a very long delay when a new version of Kepler is first executed. This
is particularly noticable on the Mac...
Dan Higgins
10:54 AM Bug #1998: Enter in actor search text box causes reset
Also, on the mac, the reset button scrunches the text box to 2 characters width.
The reset button needs to be put so...
Chad Berkley
10:49 AM Bug #1998 (Resolved): Enter in actor search text box causes reset
A reset button has been added to the actor search pane, but now hitting the
enter key after typing a search phrase c...
Dan Higgins
10:52 AM Bug #1557: problems with paths with 'spaces'
In general, this problem has been fixed (although we should keep in mind that
specific actor may still have a problem...
Dan Higgins
10:49 AM Bug #1997 (New): Support Getting Metadata for Darwin Core search result item
In data search result panel, we add a new right click button for getting
metadata for the item. But currently we onl...
Jing Tao
10:44 AM Bug #1896: Get metadata of data package in data search result panel( tree structure)
If user right click in search result item, the Get Metadata button will be
shown. If user click the button, the html ...
Jing Tao
10:41 AM Bug #1889: EML2 data source actor need handle mutiple data entity
Add Vector _enityList in EMLDataSource to store the mutiple entity in eml. And
add a selectedEnity for chosed entity....
Jing Tao
10:37 AM Bug #1834: search progress bar does not work on OSX
Dan and I couldn't duplicate the bug. It seemed someone fixed it before we took
a look.
Jing Tao


06:10 PM Bug #1990 (Resolved): DataType of EML for KEPLER
The Datatype really should be determined in EML from the measurementScale and
domain (numericDomain and nonNumericDo...
Jing Tao
05:00 PM Bug #1890: Add query builder to generic db actor
Requires additional design of the Database connection and query components and
a notification when all authenticatio...
Efrat Jaeger


03:32 PM Bug #1342: need R actor
A limitied R actor is now working on Windows and Linux and Mac (although limited
graphical capabilities on Mac becaus...
Matt Jones


05:24 PM Bug #1981 (New): Extend database query actor to handle datatypes
Currently return a string representation of the output. Should be extended to
specify the type of the 'string' outp...
Efrat Jaeger


01:19 PM Bug #1886: nightly build system revisited
I have implemented a shell script based nightly build system that checks out
both ptII and kepler, compiles both of t...
Chad Berkley

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