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application should open to main window not web page

Added by Laura Downey almost 18 years ago. Updated almost 17 years ago.

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application should open to main window (graph editor window) and not web page
often the users are confused when they first open kepler and a web page
appears when they are expecting an application

we could consider embedding the web page in the right hand pane of a new
graphi editor window or we could offer access to the web page from the help or
about menu item

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Updated by Christopher Brooks almost 18 years ago

I see the value in having "$PTII/bin/vergil" start up the graph editor
instead of bringing up what we call the welcome window. Initially,
I think our idea was that there were multiple tools (graph editor, fsm editor,
icon editor, expression evaluator etc.) and that it was unfair
to emphasize one tool. However, I'm not so sure that this is as
applicable as it once was.

Also, if you want to start with a particular model, one can start
from the command line:
$PTII/bin/vergil foo.xml

However, foo.xml must already exist. This is partly because we
do not necessarily know which editor to bring up for an empty file, though
we could always bring up the graph editor for .moml files.

To do this, edit $PTII/ptolemy/configs/full/welcomeWindow.xml.
I'm not totally what edits to make, but that is the file to edit
for Ptolemy.

The way this works is that $PTII/ptolemy/vergil/VergilApplication.xml
gets the default configuration and
calls VergilApplication._createEmptyConfiguration()


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Updated by Christopher Brooks almost 17 years ago

I've fixed this by hacking up VergilApplication so we now open the Graph Editor.
I did not embed the webpage in the right hand pane of the new Graph Editor
because I think this would be confusing since users would need to be able to
close or otherwise get rid of the web page. One possibility would be to have
a default model with some text, but then the user would need to get rid of
that text as well. Another possibility would be to always have the SDF director
present, like what we do in HyVisual. If someone wants this, please open
another bug.

Note that there is an associated but that remains open:

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Updated by Redmine Admin almost 10 years ago

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