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Remove text added with "Attribute" actor from older workflows

Added by Matthew Brooke about 17 years ago. Updated about 15 years ago.

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When using Batik rendering:

In existing workflows that use the ptolemy.kernel.util.Attribute for
annotations, the annotation text does not wrap - instead, it is all on one long

I can't find a plain "Attribute" in the actor library, so maybe this is only a
problem with existing workflows. Should people be using the annotation actor
(ptolemy.vergil.kernel.attributes.TextAttribute) instead??

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Actions #1

Updated by Matthew Brooke almost 17 years ago

important for backwards compatibility - changing to P1

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Updated by Matthew Brooke almost 17 years ago

Spoke with Matt Jones on 10Apr06 - basically, any new text annotations created in Kepler will use the Annotation Actor (ptolemy.vergil.kernel.attributes.TextAttribute class); only old workflows use the "Attribute" for annotation (ptolemy.kernel.util.Attribute). We also noticed a problem whereby changes to the Attribute text do not show up in the workflow - another reason to move away from using plain Attributes for text.

So - we decided that to resolve this bug, the workflows to be shipped with Kepler 1.0 should be inspected to see if they use the old-style "ptolemy.kernel.util.Attribute" for text, and if so, they should be edited so they use the Annotation Actor instead ("ptolemy.vergil.kernel.attributes.TextAttribute").

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Updated by Matthew Brooke over 16 years ago

Changed title, reassigned to Dan, and changed category to General (not UI, but wasnt' sure which category "workflows" belongs to)

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Updated by Dan Higgins over 16 years ago

There are a number of Ptolemy example workflow that have the 'non-wrapping' attribute problem that we cannot fix. (i.e. not in the Kepler code base)

Actions #5

Updated by Christopher Brooks over 16 years ago

Maybe we can create a filter that fixes the text
in the Ptolemy models so that it properly displays.
Is there a particular model that is wrong?
I'll see what I can do.

Also, the relation are offset in the Ptolemy models
because the SVG Icons have a different origin.

Actions #6

Updated by Dan Higgins almost 16 years ago

None of the wfs shipped with recent beta release have this problem any longer, so I am lowering the priority.

Actions #7

Updated by Dan Higgins about 15 years ago

This has been completed with all workflows in the 'demos' subdirectory. A few examples may still exist in the 'workflows' subdirectory, but those examples are provided as examples only and not guaranteed to work.

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Updated by Redmine Admin almost 10 years ago

Original Bugzilla ID was 2323


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