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Tabbed pane interface for holding workflow canvas and additional GUI elements

Added by Timothy McPhillips over 13 years ago. Updated about 13 years ago.

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A number of new user interface elements are being developed for Kepler. Some of these require considerable screen real estate. For example, I would like to have the option of loading the provenance browser with the trace of each workflow run as soon as it completes (bug 3546), and I'd prefer that this not bring up a new window each time. Similarly, I think the Workflow Run Browser (bug 3655) would be best integrated with the main Kepler GUI (although running the provenance and run browsers standalone would be useful as well). Project workspace, report generation, data management, and process monitoring interfaces have also been proposed and are under development.

I suggest we introduce a tabbed pane interface on the right side of the Kepler GUI to hold all of these new (and future) interface elements. The canvas would go in one pane, the provenance browser in another (if enabled), etc. Kepler modules developed for particular projects could take advantage of this GUI extensibility as well.

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Blocked by Kepler - Bug #3546: Automatically load trace for a completed run into the provenance browserNew10/22/2008


#1 Updated by Bertram Ludaescher over 13 years ago

I like this! Indeed this is a great place for the long-running meme of "Data Central" and "Process Central". For example, Faraaz is finishing his Process Monitoring component that will show execution progress (extending Dan Crawl's provenance recorder and reusing some of Carlos' token counters etc).
I can see how it will be very useful to have a "tab on that"..


#2 Updated by Christopher Brooks over 13 years ago

Ptolemy has a somewhat primitive tabbed interface in ptII/thales.
To run it, try
$PTII/bin/vergil -single

The interface tends to flash windows on the screen before remapping them.

A tabbed interface would be best suited by a rewrite that embeds the
Vergil graph editor in a framework such as Eclipse RCP or Netbeans.
See also the Triquetrum project (

#3 Updated by Matt Jones over 13 years ago

I like this as well. We just were talking about UI stuff for the reporting subsytem, and one possible UI layout was to have the workflow run browser in the left hand pane (with components and data), and when someone opened a workflow run they would get a report on the execution in the right pane in a different tab from the editing canvas. Sounds quite compatible with what you proposed.

#4 Updated by Matt Jones over 13 years ago

Aaron, Debi, Ben, and Derik have designed and implemented a new ViewPane class that can be used to dynamically control the Kepler window via configuration items. The class allows one to define Views, each of which can have zero or more tabs in the UI in the four main quadrants of the Kepler gui. The design and API for this system is described on the Kepler Architecture web site here:

The system is being used to implement the reporting module as a test case.

#5 Updated by Aaron Aaron about 13 years ago

The documentation for the ViewPane and TabPane extension points has moved to

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