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Kepler needs to support EML 2.1.0

Added by Derik Barseghian about 15 years ago. Updated almost 15 years ago.

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Support for EML 2.0.1 needs to be added to kepler.

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Blocked by Kepler - Bug #4069: Metacat Authenticated Query fails for specific user/group/dataset combinationsResolvedben leinfelder05/15/2009

Actions #1

Updated by Matt Jones about 15 years ago

I'm pretty sure it already supports EML 2.0.1. Did you mean to say the upcoming release of EML 2.1.0?

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Updated by Derik Barseghian about 15 years ago

yes, 2.1.0.

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Updated by ben leinfelder almost 15 years ago

I've added a metadata specification class to the util module (like eml 2.0.0 and eml 2.0.1 have).
Also allowed both "datetime" and "dateTime" to indicate attributes typed as dates in the EML2* parser.
the various config.xml files need to be modified to include the 2.1.0 document type as another valid option. I've changed:

Actions #4

Updated by ben leinfelder almost 15 years ago

In the Kepler Registry: updated the Query Service and Authenticated Query Service entries to include EML 2.1 doctypes

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Updated by ben leinfelder almost 15 years ago

let's reopen if there are other problems that crop up. I think the dataTable parsing is pretty much the same from eml 2.0.1, but we should keep our eyes open for problems with parsing the metadata.
the TPC data from Kruger should be helpful for testing this out as those become more mature.

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Updated by Oliver Soong almost 15 years ago

Kepler 1.0.0 doesn't support EML 2.1.0. I know we're moving towards a new release, but since the Kruger stuff is still officially on 1.0.0, we're getting caught in a sort of limbo. There may be a possibility of finding a stable 1.x dev build that does support 2.1.0 and using that.

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Updated by ben leinfelder almost 15 years ago

There's no way to add EML 2.1.0 support to Kepler 1.0.0.
We will have a "release" of some sort for the TPC training in July that includes EML 2.1.0 support since Judith is actively using a Morpho/Metacat that supports EML 2.1 (anything she touches will now be 2.1.0).
If you are not running off of the trunk of Kepler, we need to start making installer snapshots that can be used for authoring TPC workflows based on 1.x improvements.

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Updated by Redmine Admin almost 11 years ago

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