Bug #4342

apple-extensions module on windows make Eclipse build difficult

Added by Aaron Aaron over 10 years ago. Updated over 9 years ago.

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on windows
check out a fresh kepler suite
do an "ant eclipse" command
import modules to eclipse (except for the apple-extensions module)
look at the build path for the kepler module: apple-extensions (missing)

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Blocked by Kepler - Bug #5064: Kepler 2.1 Tracking BugNew06/30/2010


#1 Updated by Christopher Brooks over 9 years ago

Chris Weed posted the following:

I don't know if you guys ever try to build kepler on windows with eclipse,
but it takes a number of not-so-obvious tweaks to go from checking out
to a clean build.

The step of adding tools.jar is already documented on

but it also requires removing dependencies of outreach-2.0 and kepler-2.0
on apple-extensions-2.0 in the Java build path.
This includes removing apple-extension-2.0 from the projects tab and
apple-extension-2.0/src from the libraries tab.

I don't see a way around this with-out fixing the ant scripts that
create the eclipse project files.
This second step isn't on

#2 Updated by Matt Jones over 9 years ago

We agreed this should be fixed for 2.1, so that kepler builds on all platforms (including windows) under Eclipse. However, this should not include a complete refactoring of the module system for handling native files -- that would be handled under bug # 5089.

#3 Updated by David Welker over 9 years ago

This should be fixed. The apple-extensions module should no longer download on Windows and should be ignored by the "ant eclipse" command (as well as all other commands) as if it didn't exist.

#4 Updated by Christopher Brooks over 9 years ago

I'm confirming that this is fixed in the kepler trunk under Windows with Eclipse.
However, as expected, the problem persists under kepler-2.0, the build
under Eclipse on Windows had the same failure:

I did
mkdir kepler-2.0
cd kepler-2.0
svn co build-area
cd build-area
ant change-to -Dsuite=kepler-2.0

and go apple-extensions errors.

My guess is that this change will appear in Kepler-2.1, which will have a separate set of instructions.


#5 Updated by Redmine Admin almost 7 years ago

Original Bugzilla ID was 4342

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