Bug #5064

Kepler 2.1 Tracking Bug

Added by David Welker over 12 years ago. Updated about 12 years ago.

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This bug will be used to track the new features that will be implemented in Kepler 2.1.

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Blocks Kepler - Bug #5065: In shared or administrative installations, the ability to store modules.txt and extra modules locally. This way, the module manager will work smoothly on Windows without having to run as an administrator.Resolved06/30/2010

Blocks Kepler - Bug #5066: Fix for ImageJ so that preferences are stored in an area other than the installation space. This may require a change to ImageJ source code.Resolved06/30/2010

Blocks Kepler - Bug #5068: Investigate jars (why they are necessary) and upgrade whenever possible.New06/30/2010

Blocks Kepler - Bug #5069: The ability to create user manuals from a wiki that is continuously updated.New06/30/2010

Blocks Kepler - Bug #5070: Changing the "Available Modules" tab in the Module Manager to "Available Suites and Modules"Resolved06/30/2010

Blocks Kepler - Bug #5071: Improve the installer so that it is automated instead of requiring so many manual steps. Also, develop streamlined release process so that minor releases 2.1, 2.2, etc. can be accomplished more rapidly.Resolved06/30/2010

Blocks Kepler - Bug #5072: Move the R module out of Kepler/CORE entirely.Resolved06/30/2010

Blocks Kepler - Bug #5073: In module manager, display the current suite name as well as a fully resolved list of modules.Resolved06/30/2010

Blocks Kepler - Bug #5074: Fix the release process so modules can be released from Windows machines.Resolved06/30/2010

Blocks Kepler - Bug #5075: Fix the module manager so it can show docs with any name.New06/30/2010

Blocks Kepler - Bug #5076: Minimize the number of files downloaded from the Ptolemy repository.New06/30/2010

Blocks Kepler - Bug #5026: Error dialog pop up in RC3 when closing the ImageJ window after workflow execution.Resolved05/20/2010

Blocks Kepler - Bug #4324: ptII/module-info/revision.txt not being updatedResolved08/20/2009

Blocks Kepler - Bug #4342: apple-extensions module on windows make Eclipse build difficultResolved08/26/2009

Blocks Kepler - Bug #5084: Allow test releases in the same location as actual releases.Resolved07/08/2010

Blocks Kepler - Bug #5089: Replace operating system specific files with operating system specific modules.Resolved07/09/2010


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