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7117 Story Serialize a System Metadata doc from a DataONEObject model In Progress Normal Actions
7118 Story Create a new EML and its System Meta doc on a member node New Normal Actions
7119 Story Render an EML model in the UI New Normal Actions
7120 Story Overview section New Normal Actions
7121 Story People section New Normal Actions
7122 Story Dates section New Normal Actions
7123 Story Locations section New Normal Actions
7124 Story Taxa section New Normal Actions
7125 Story Methods section New Normal Actions
7126 Story Projects section New Normal Actions
7127 Story Allow editing of EML display New Normal Actions
7128 Story Make all fields in the EML View editable New Normal Actions
7129 Story Update EML module models when their view fields are edited New Normal Actions
7130 Story Update an EML doc and System Metadata doc on a member node New Normal Actions
7131 Story Allow users to edit or create data packages in the editor New Normal Actions
7132 Feature Serialize a Resource Map from a DataPackage collection In Progress Normal Lauren Walker Actions
7134 Story Remove a data object from a collection New Normal Actions
7135 Story Show data upload form to the user in the DataPackage view New Normal Actions
7136 Story Add a new data file to a package New Normal Actions
7137 Story Create a data package from scratch New Normal Actions
7164 Bug View service rendering EML project abstract incorrectly New Normal Bryce Mecum Actions
7172 Bug Odd spacing/sizing/hover behavior in Submit/Login buttons in Arctic skin New Low Actions
7173 Feature Add the measurementScale to the EML .xsl stylesheets New Normal Lauren Walker Actions
7178 Bug MNodeService.getPackage() takes too long for large packages New Normal Chris Jones Actions
7181 Bug Verify completeness of unit test MetacatRdfXmlSubprocessorTest New Normal Peter Slaughter Actions
7182 Bug Allow partial package downloads when some of the objects are private New Normal ben leinfelder Actions
7189 Bug memory leak in Manager New Normal Christopher Brooks Actions
7198 Feature Format solr engine description output New Normal Jing Tao Actions
7205 Bug IDs mishandled when an update is made to a package with a DOI New Normal Actions
7210 Bug View service duplicates EML Text content New Normal Bryce Mecum Actions
7213 Bug Document the EZID landing page template property New Normal Chris Jones Actions
7215 Bug Metacat produces an invalid ZIP archive when a package member has an invalid formatID New Normal Actions
7222 Feature In the EML .xslts, take the "id" attribute set on entity elements (e.g. otherEntity) and put them in the HTML New Normal Lauren Walker Actions
7223 Bug EZID metadata registration doesn't seem to work with SIDs New Normal Jing Tao Actions
7234 Bug Validate SystemMetadata.checksumAlgorithm in the DataONE API calls New Normal Jing Tao Actions
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