From 06/17/2004 to 07/16/2004


11:23 AM Bug #1132: fix access control rule ambiguities
It seems to me that read access to <inline> without read access to general
metadata should not be allowed, Of what us...
David Blankman


02:47 PM Bug #1636 (New): requesting support for ids in taxonomicClassification element
We use species codes in tables of abundance and density. If the
taxonomicClassification element supported ids, then ...
Margaret O'Brien


05:44 PM Bug #1634 (New): units not in eml-unitDictionary
As requested, here is the list of customUnits used by sbclter (to date). The
current version of this list can be fo...
Margaret O'Brien


11:42 AM Bug #1132: fix access control rule ambiguities

An issue that came up during implementation of access rules in metacat based on
eml 2.0.1.
If a user is given rea...
Saurabh Garg


02:59 PM Bug #1031: enumeratedDomain doesn't define value order for ordinals
Also added an optional element called 'orderAttributeReference' to the
entityCodeList that points at a column contain...
Matt Jones
02:37 PM Bug #1529: no tag to specify how to handle mutltiple, repeated delimiters
Changed name of the filed to 'collapseDelimiters' and updated documentation.
Valid values are still yes or no.
Matt Jones


05:22 PM Bug #1132: fix access control rule ambiguities
I am thinking if we can get rid of reference in "access" module in eml2.1.0.
In eml2.1.0, the document for access wil...
Jing Tao


11:56 AM Bug #1132: fix access control rule ambiguities

As both eml 2.0.1 and 2.1.0, only distribution ids will be referenced from
access, I was wondering if it is possibl...
Saurabh Garg
11:29 AM Bug #1132: fix access control rule ambiguities
Actually, we should only consider the eml root element, so in EML 2.0.1 the only
places for access would be:
Matt Jones
10:49 AM Bug #1132: fix access control rule ambiguities

Correction in the last comment. Any permissions specified
in //eml/citation/access, //eml/software/access and //em...
Saurabh Garg


12:53 PM Bug #1605: missing or erroneous SI units in unitDictionary
Thanks for the comments. I'm not sure that renaming units is a great idea
because it strands existing EML documents ...
Matt Jones
10:14 AM Bug #1195: tracking bug for 2.0.1 release

3) is done. I will tag the release in the cvs, once (4) is decided.
Saurabh Garg
10:08 AM Bug #1000: units missing from Unit Dictionary

Regarding this bug in the last meeting, it was decided we may try to implement
a registry where people can submit u...
Saurabh Garg


09:50 AM Bug #960: parser not correctly parsing <describes> tag in additionalMetadata

Closing as not able to locate the problem.
Saurabh Garg

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