From 02/23/2008 to 03/23/2008


04:47 PM Bug #2054: use of <any> in additionalMetadata is invalid
changed summary ony Margaret O'Brien
04:29 PM Bug #3181: xs:string to ComplexType TextType, minOccurs=0, judiciously applied
changed summary only, -- this is not a change to txt:TextType, since that would require adding children elements (par... Margaret O'Brien
04:13 PM Bug #3181 (New): xs:string to ComplexType TextType, minOccurs=0, judiciously applied
This is a summary of a recent discussion on eml-dev which does not appear to have been entered in bugzilla.
Several ...
Margaret O'Brien
03:25 PM Bug #2703: eml not valid is xmlSpy versions 2006+, eml-text and eml-documentation
From Chris and Margaret:
With respect to the docbook elements that contribute to this bug in eml-text.xsd, we looked ...
Margaret O'Brien


10:44 AM Bug #1756: A bug in eml stylesheets in displaying Doman Info
This is working correctly now. I think this cvs entry might of been the fix.
Revision 1.2, Thu Jun 15 18:18:51 2006 ...
Callie Bowdish


04:50 PM Bug #3096: Date data type (domain) need be handled correctly
implemented datetime handling in both the Postgres and HSQLDB adaptors.
Uses the format string supplied in the EML fo...
ben leinfelder
10:37 AM Bug #3096: Date data type (domain) need be handled correctly
Tried the first step which uses ISO standard format for dates in the EML metadata/data. postgres is pretty flexible ... ben leinfelder
04:27 PM Bug #2775: DataManager cuts last row off data_table
tested with chad's dataset and it works. ben leinfelder
10:41 AM Bug #2775: DataManager cuts last row off data_table
in the course of testing the datetime support for the datamanager, I came across the code that is causing this.
the l...
ben leinfelder


05:10 PM Bug #3051: standardUnit restriction doesnt match eml-unitDictionary.xml
adding those two units to the eml-attribute.xsd file ben leinfelder
05:00 PM Bug #2083: dimension 'current' is wrongly entered as 'charge'
with this change, some of the other derived units get shuffled around a bit (at least in terms of their time coeffici... ben leinfelder
04:01 PM Bug #3166 (Resolved): remove extra "attributeindex" parameter in eml-settings.xsl
The "attributeindex" parameter is multiply defined in the eml-settings.xsl file. This came up when trying to view me... ben leinfelder
03:55 PM Bug #3165 (Resolved): request for an element to contain info about a url
Anywhere there is a <url> it would be useful to have a place to include text that could be added to the anchor tag wh... Margaret O'Brien
03:44 PM Bug #3164 (Resolved): sbc-lter adaptation of eml-literature schema - contact tree
an optional <contact> tree would be useful to designate a contact-author who isnt the first author. Margaret O'Brien
03:42 PM Bug #3163 (Resolved): eml-literature schema - cardinality of volume and pageRange
+++ This bug was initially created as a clone of Bug #2076 +++
volume, pageRange should be 0 or 1, to accomodate in_...
Margaret O'Brien

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