From 07/18/2004 to 08/16/2004


12:25 PM Bug #1655 (In Progress): DIALOGS: Implement New UI for Sources Dialog (was "integrate ecogrid registry into kepler ecogrid client")
Currently EcoGrid access in Kepler works but the EcoGrid node that is queried is
a single configurable parameter. T...
Matt Jones


04:19 PM Bug #1644 (Resolved): Image Display actor enhancements needed
Version 4.0 of PTII includes a set of ImageProcessing actors under the
"moreLibraries/Generic" category. Included ar...
Dan Higgins


01:42 PM Bug #1640: change kepler website to the seek wiki style
Well, I like the idea of having it as a Wiki, but I don't think it should have
the exact same L&F as the SEEK web. I...
Matt Jones
01:33 PM Bug #1640 (Resolved): change kepler website to the seek wiki style
It would be nice to have the kepler website have the same look and feel (and
functionality) as the SEEK site. We sh...
Chad Berkley
01:23 PM Bug #1635: Update ant build so that documentation appears for new actors
Dan is working on this. Chad Berkley
01:22 PM Bug #1606: Update Kepler to work with Version 4.0 of Ptolemy
ilkay, efrat and dan got this working in early july. kepler now fully builds
and works with ptolemy II 4.0.
Chad Berkley
01:17 PM Bug #1588: create nightly build system
we were able to get a free license for the Anthill build system from We now have AnthillPro installed...
Chad Berkley

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