From 09/25/2006 to 10/24/2006


01:00 PM Bug #2571 (Resolved): position of new elements on screen
It is quite annoying for me that copy/paste from another window puts the
copied element onto the same absolute coord...
Norbert Podhorszki
12:43 PM Bug #2570 (New): port's context menu should contain renaming
Context menu for ports does not contain "Customize Name". Neither outside on
the actors, nor inside a composite.
Norbert Podhorszki
10:30 AM Bug #2569 (Resolved): Popup (context) menu do not appear for relations and connections
A right click on relations (vertexes) and connections does not bring up a popup menu. This is probably just a configu... Dan Higgins
09:47 AM Bug #2485: On Macintosh, cannot connect from a relation
Also, one cannot drag a connection from a port on a Mac. Dan Higgins


09:33 AM Bug #2493: actor repository tracking bug
I thought the kepler repository was originally supposed to house all actors so that we could distribute a light versi... Chad Berkley


11:00 AM Bug #2562 (New): add unit info to eml2Data source actor
EML can contain unit information for attributes that are mapped to ports in the EMLDataSource actor. Note that there ... Dan Higgins


04:13 PM Bug #2561: context menu of attributes
fixed by same method as used for rename of Actors Dan Higgins
03:39 PM Bug #2561 (Resolved): context menu of attributes
Kepler provides a poor context menu for attributes/parameters:
only Configure + Documentation.
Thus, I cannot ren...
Norbert Podhorszki
12:56 PM Bug #2493: actor repository tracking bug
Actually, the library should be able to store copies of the actors, but when one attempts to load it, Kepler should t... Matt Jones


11:02 AM Bug #2558 (Resolved): Cannot create a new 'kar' file for modified actor
We have a 'Save in Library...' menu for adding a modified actor to the actor/ontology list(tree) but this menu no lon... Dan Higgins
10:56 AM Bug #2426: Search for 'image' in actor tree 'hangs' window in nightly build
Search in the nightly zip (on Oct 3, 2006) no longer 'hangs' the system, but
does give the Warning
Warning: Failed t...
Dan Higgins
10:34 AM Bug #2426: Search for 'image' in actor tree 'hangs' window in nightly build
search works OK in 'installer' version for Kepler-1.0.0beta2. Dan Higgins
10:29 AM Bug #2461: Add MetadataSource actor to tree
kar file for Metadatga source has been created and added to CVS Dan Higgins


04:15 PM Bug #2556: "Customize Name' menu missing
Ptolemy changed the action used for this menu and changed it to a hierarchial menu. I am not sure exactly why it woul... Dan Higgins


02:47 PM Bug #2506: Windows installer w/o jvm complains about invalid jvm
I have tries a non-jre install on one PC where Kepler had never been installed. In this case, there was no problem. K... Dan Higgins

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