From 09/26/2000 to 10/25/2000


05:38 PM Bug #163 (Resolved): need data repository interface for metacat
Recent discussions have indicated that the metacat server should shield client
interaction from the SRB and other da...
Matt Jones
05:28 PM Bug #162 (Resolved): need harvest/batch load for metacat
The metacat server needs to be able to accept large numbers of metadata
documents for insert and update from site me...
Matt Jones
05:26 PM Bug #161 (Resolved): need replication mechanism for metacat
Metacat was intended to be a centralized index of metadata that was replicated
across several sites. This replicati...
Matt Jones
05:21 PM Bug #21: metacat redundancy in reader and writer implementation of nodes
When I refactored the class structure a month or so ago this issue became moot.
Now the DocumentImpl class handles b...
Matt Jones
05:18 PM Bug #149: Need revision number to uniquely specify docid
Reassigned to jones because I agreed to look into the California Digital Library
acession numbering scheme.
Matt Jones


01:03 PM Revision 503 (metacat): merge AUTH_LDAP to the main branch
09:07 AM Revision 502 (metacat): clear System.exit(0) within the static block


03:43 PM Bug #137: need admin client for managing SRB systems
Reassigned to David because he will be implementing the admin client. Matt Jones
03:41 PM Bug #152: Port SRB1_1_8 changes to Linux x86
Reassigned to Owen because he has main responsibility for the SRB work. Matt Jones
03:40 PM Bug #160: need resource restriction capability
Check with Raja (Arcto Rajasekar). He has told us in the past that this feature
was at least partially completed.
Matt Jones
03:39 PM Bug #160 (Resolved): need resource restriction capability
Earlier versions of the SRB allowed any user to access and write to any
SRB-registered storage resource. We need to...
Matt Jones


02:58 PM Revision 500 (metacat): Fixed typo in stylesheet.
Matt Jones
12:33 PM Revision 499 (metacat): More user interface changes to the HTML MARINE interface. Minor
rearrangement of columns, some link changes. Matt Jones


06:40 PM Revision 498 (metacat): Replaced imagemap with anchor links in the web interface to simplify the
rearrangement of the interface. This new feature uses javascript to
submit the form when the link is clicked.
Matt Jones


06:50 PM Revision 497 (metacat): Various changes to improve consistency of the MARINE and METACAT user
interfaces as presented through the XSL->HTML conversions. Eliminated
one (extraneous) copy of the rowcol.css style ...
Matt Jones


02:51 PM Bug #138: use LDAP as optional directory for authentication
The changes described inthe previous comment are checked into CVS uder a
separate branch with the tag "AUTH_LDAP".
Matt Jones
02:50 PM Bug #138: use LDAP as optional directory for authentication
Designed and implemented a new abstract authentication interface
( in metacat that allows the meta...
Matt Jones


04:28 PM Revision 491 (metacat): Included script for insert of all eml dtds.
03:48 PM Revision 489 (metacat): added functionality to return the doctype of a relation in a relationdoctype tag. This information is now returned automatically in the resultset under the path resultset/relation/relationdoctype.
03:47 PM Revision 488 (metacat): added ability to enterpret relationdoctype tag.
02:26 PM Revision 487 (metacat): added new linkage to the title in the table
02:23 PM Revision 486 (metacat): removed debug print statements.
02:16 PM Revision 485 (metacat): added code for getting stylized related documents
12:55 PM Revision 483 (metacat): allowed both indexing threads to run without interfering with each other.
08:05 AM Revision 482 (metacat): made package changes


10:56 AM Revision 481 (metacat): - cleared copyfile of since it is no longer in use
- added copyfile of from xmltodb/lib to the servlet classpath
same like
10:32 AM Revision 480 (metacat): moved it from src/edu/ucsb/nceas/metacat dir to here


03:37 PM Revision 478 (metacat): fixed bug that caused a nullPointerException when a null resultset was returned.
01:52 PM Revision 477 (metacat): changed the look of relations


11:55 AM Bug #154: change INSERT to fail if docid exists
DONE as suggested from Dan:
prevent insertion and show a message if Accession# is provided
and is already in use
Jivka Bojilova
11:01 AM Bug #154 (Resolved): change INSERT to fail if docid exists
Higgins writes:
I have a suggestion for a change in the behavoir of Insert commands in Metacat.
Presently, if one ...
Matt Jones
11:05 AM Revision 476 (metacat): Changed to prevent the insertion if the provided Accession# is in use as Dan suggested.


02:37 PM Revision 475 (metacat): removed system.out.printlns
01:12 PM Revision 474 (metacat): added a "server" parameter which tells the system the path to the server on which metacat is running. This is used for metacat:// urls.
01:11 PM Revision 473 (metacat): added support for urls of the form "metacat://"
01:10 PM Revision 472 (metacat): added package and resource data and structures
12:47 PM Bug #48: need an option to do xml indexing asynchronously
Need a way to show a response of the work done by that thread Jivka Bojilova
09:11 AM Bug #130: remove the title hack from metacat
Because of complications with the dmanclient this will be fixed sometime after
the kdi meeting.
Chad Berkley
08:31 AM Bug #31: need dataset id reference from metadata
Added datasetid to resource. Also, the package dtd and schema are defined and
implemented in metacatServlet.
Chad Berkley
08:23 AM Bug #113: need "dataset oriented" html interface for results
Created a backtracking scheme derived from relationships entered under the
package dtd. The servlet parameter return...
Chad Berkley


04:02 PM Revision 471 (metacat): Separate thread used for writing into xml_index table.
This cut the time of the response on insert almost in half.
The tread is started afterwards
(on end of document parsi...
03:09 PM Revision 470 (metacat): added new fields
03:09 PM Revision 469 (metacat): added support for returndoc handling.
03:08 PM Revision 468 (metacat): added a packagedoctype parameter so that the servlet knows what kind of doctype a package
03:08 PM Revision 467 (metacat): updated for returndoc field
03:07 PM Revision 466 (metacat): This class syncronously indexes any package file that is loaded into the database.r
03:06 PM Revision 465 (metacat): Added backtrack functionality. Backtracking works by passing a returndoc parameter. There can be more than one. If a document that is hit by a query is not of type returndoc then it searches the database for a related file of type returndoc. If one is found it is displayed, if no relation is found, the original is displayed.
Support was also added for an index of relations. the table xml_relation handles the all of the relation indexing. berkley
01:03 PM Revision 464 (metacat): included new method getPoolSize()

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