From 09/26/2000 to 10/25/2000


05:38 PM Bug #163 (Resolved): need data repository interface for metacat
Recent discussions have indicated that the metacat server should shield client
interaction from the SRB and other da...
Matt Jones
05:28 PM Bug #162 (Resolved): need harvest/batch load for metacat
The metacat server needs to be able to accept large numbers of metadata
documents for insert and update from site me...
Matt Jones
05:26 PM Bug #161 (Resolved): need replication mechanism for metacat
Metacat was intended to be a centralized index of metadata that was replicated
across several sites. This replicati...
Matt Jones
05:21 PM Bug #21: metacat redundancy in reader and writer implementation of nodes
When I refactored the class structure a month or so ago this issue became moot.
Now the DocumentImpl class handles b...
Matt Jones
05:18 PM Bug #149: Need revision number to uniquely specify docid
Reassigned to jones because I agreed to look into the California Digital Library
acession numbering scheme.
Matt Jones


03:43 PM Bug #137: need admin client for managing SRB systems
Reassigned to David because he will be implementing the admin client. Matt Jones
03:41 PM Bug #152: Port SRB1_1_8 changes to Linux x86
Reassigned to Owen because he has main responsibility for the SRB work. Matt Jones
03:40 PM Bug #160: need resource restriction capability
Check with Raja (Arcto Rajasekar). He has told us in the past that this feature
was at least partially completed.
Matt Jones
03:39 PM Bug #160 (Resolved): need resource restriction capability
Earlier versions of the SRB allowed any user to access and write to any
SRB-registered storage resource. We need to...
Matt Jones


02:51 PM Bug #138: use LDAP as optional directory for authentication
The changes described inthe previous comment are checked into CVS uder a
separate branch with the tag "AUTH_LDAP".
Matt Jones
02:50 PM Bug #138: use LDAP as optional directory for authentication
Designed and implemented a new abstract authentication interface
( in metacat that allows the meta...
Matt Jones


11:55 AM Bug #154: change INSERT to fail if docid exists
DONE as suggested from Dan:
prevent insertion and show a message if Accession# is provided
and is already in use
Jivka Bojilova
11:01 AM Bug #154 (Resolved): change INSERT to fail if docid exists
Higgins writes:
I have a suggestion for a change in the behavoir of Insert commands in Metacat.
Presently, if one ...
Matt Jones


12:47 PM Bug #48: need an option to do xml indexing asynchronously
Need a way to show a response of the work done by that thread Jivka Bojilova
09:11 AM Bug #130: remove the title hack from metacat
Because of complications with the dmanclient this will be fixed sometime after
the kdi meeting.
Chad Berkley
08:31 AM Bug #31: need dataset id reference from metadata
Added datasetid to resource. Also, the package dtd and schema are defined and
implemented in metacatServlet.
Chad Berkley
08:23 AM Bug #113: need "dataset oriented" html interface for results
Created a backtracking scheme derived from relationships entered under the
package dtd. The servlet parameter return...
Chad Berkley

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