From 09/23/2001 to 10/22/2001


07:33 PM Revision 861 (metacat): README and build changes in preparation for the 1.0.0 release of Metacat.
The files contributing to this release are being tagged in CVS as
Matt Jones
05:25 PM Bug #298: Problem with Export function
fixed a bug in metacat where the data file name was not being appended correctly
to the path causing an error stream ...
Chad Berkley
05:19 PM Revision 860 (metacat): Updated the knb.xml configuration to use the new public IDs associated with
eml beta 4. Matt Jones
04:06 PM Revision 859 (metacat): fixed access control bug. the character data in the sax parser was not getting trimmed and causing problems. also fixed hard coded eml-dataset public id in the web index file
04:01 PM Revision 858 (metacat): Added new beta5 version of eml-software dtd, and added to catalog.
Matt Jones
02:46 PM Revision 857 (metacat): added new docid to returndoc for web form
11:00 AM Revision 856 (metacat): changed package and access file doctype
10:53 AM Revision 855 (metacat): took out hard coded paths for style dirs
10:32 AM Revision 854 (metacat): removed the stylesheet sql script since we don't need it anymore
09:46 AM Revision 853 (metacat): Added new DTD files for the new release of EML. Changed the naming
convention for all new DTDs, so the public IDs are now consistently
Matt Jones


06:47 PM Bug #270: change LDAP interface to get complete DN from client
FIXED. Now the metacat authentication scheme assumes that the username passed
into metacat is the FULL DN and tries ...
Matt Jones
05:51 PM Revision 852 (metacat): Updated metacat login semantics. Now, metacat assumes the username passed
in is the 'full' distinguished name of the user. If that fails, then
instead it tries looking up the string and seei...
Matt Jones
05:12 PM Bug #303 (Resolved): replace oracle xslt with xalan xslt
Need to upgrade to a more spec-compliant CSLT engine, which looks like it should
be Xalan suing TraX at this point i...
Matt Jones
04:07 PM Revision 851 (metacat): New version of the IE5 stylesheet that is XSLT 1.0 compliant.
Matt Jones


08:48 PM Bug #280: provide support for multiple UI styles in metacat
Added a new generic style sheet called "ascii-treeview.xsl" that can format any
XML document into an ascci-art tree f...
Matt Jones
07:47 PM Revision 850 (metacat): CHanged style-set handling for case when a stylesheet for a specific
doctype has not been registered. Now we are using a simple "ascii tree"
view of the XML document. I'm hoping we can...
Matt Jones
04:56 PM Bug #248: id finder needed for metacat
Resolved/FIXED. Matt Jones
04:50 PM Bug #248: id finder needed for metacat
FIXED with previosuly committed changes. Matt Jones
04:48 PM Bug #248: id finder needed for metacat
Rewrote the SQL function to select the MAX accession number used for a given
scope. The scope is now passed into Met...
Matt Jones
04:48 PM Revision 849 (metacat): Removed all DTDs from the metacat module in anticipation of getting
them from the standard "mdstandards/eml" module. This will mean
that an update to the build script is necessary in o...
Matt Jones
04:44 PM Revision 848 (metacat): Updated build.xml and README for a Beta 3 release. This is a temporary
release until the full Release 1.0 is produced next week. Matt Jones
02:50 PM Revision 847 (metacat): Fixed the function to return the max id for a given scope. Now the function
takes a parameter named 'scope' and returns the largest docid that has been
used under that scope in this metacat ins...
Matt Jones
10:34 AM Revision 846 (metacat): fixed bug where the whole filename of a data file was not appended to the file input stream so metacat just returned a null document


05:37 PM Bug #248: id finder needed for metacat
The current version of this code in Metacat will work correctly with the current
version of Morpho. The problem was r...
Dan Higgins
04:57 PM Revision 845 (metacat): Fixed problem with metacat handleReadAction where the OutputStream from the
response object was closed and an attempt to reopen a PrintWriter was made
on the same response, which is illegal. N...
Matt Jones
11:13 AM Revision 844 (metacat): default css stylesheet so that metacat will look right
10:40 AM Revision 843 (metacat): removed errant comment that was causing an error in the xml_documents table


01:20 PM Bug #272: install production root LDAP server
Installed and configured openldap 2.0.11 on, and
configured it for both ldap and ldaps operat...
Matt Jones


10:46 PM Bug #278: Install production o=LTER LDAP Server
This feature is important, and our goal is to have it fully functional with the
new version of metacat and morpho by ...
Matt Jones
10:43 PM Bug #271: production metacat install
Also should point at the new LDAP service being installed on ecoinfo. Matt Jones
10:40 PM Bug #148: node-level granularity for ACLs
WONTFIX because we have decided that 1) node level granularity is largely
unneeded for our applications, and 2) there...
Matt Jones
10:39 PM Bug #19: need exception handling mechanism
WONTFIX because the exception handling is managed within each of the subsystems
of metacat, e.g., DocumentImpl handle...
Matt Jones
08:12 PM Bug #248: id finder needed for metacat
Need to change this function so that metacat returns the largest id number used
for a particular scope, regardless of...
Matt Jones
11:29 AM Bug #298 (Resolved): Problem with Export function
If a dataset which includes a data document is inserted into production Metacat
context and then 'Exported' the expo...
Dan Higgins
10:44 AM Bug #186: add web metadata entry form for Metacat
have begun cgi framework using the template-toolkit module for the separation of
logic from presentation.
Chris Jones
10:41 AM Bug #293: Extend perl module to Metacat
added getCookie() subroutine, and will use setOptions() to set the cookie. Chris Jones


04:40 PM Bug #248: id finder needed for metacat
It appears that Metacat does NOT return the LAST ID (It seems to return the last
id of a dataset document. But there ...
Dan Higgins


03:57 PM Bug #185: replication security hole
SOLVED Jivka Bojilova
03:45 PM Bug #185: replication security hole
The problem is described in Metacat Installation Instructions in web site
Jivka Bojilova


10:17 PM Bug #293 (Resolved): Extend perl module to Metacat
Add getCookie subroutine to so that the index.cgi that calls login()
can pass the JSESSIONID to the brows...
Chris Jones


11:32 AM Bug #291: knb context of Metacat fails to find eml-attribute dtd
typo located in database Dan Higgins
10:04 AM Bug #291 (Resolved): knb context of Metacat fails to find eml-attribute dtd
Inserting a new datapackage to Metacat from Morpho fails with message about not
being able to find eml-attribute dtd.
Dan Higgins


11:51 AM Revision 842 (metacat): fixed to get groupnames for a user using any identifying name


09:18 AM Revision 841 (metacat): added insert statement for eml-attribute-2.0.dtd entry in xml_catalog


05:41 PM Bug #280: provide support for multiple UI styles in metacat
Need to implement a "generic" stylesheet for the case when no specific one is
available. Otherwise, completed.
Matt Jones


12:57 PM Bug #185: replication security hole
Added support for running replication over HTTPS.
Removed the check of IP address using the DNS because it doesn't pr...
Jivka Bojilova
10:55 AM Revision 840 (metacat): for action=servercontrol&subaction=add
added function for downloading of the certificate file
from the specified URL of the source server
and uploading it o...
10:52 AM Revision 839 (metacat): added input box in replMain web page for downloading of the certificate file
from the specified URL of the source server
added new metacat property "certPath" for uploading the certificate file ...

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