From 09/22/2004 to 10/21/2004


09:59 AM Revision 2329 (metacat): Removed hardcoded path from EventLogTest.
Matt Jones


02:42 PM Revision 2328 (metacat): Fixed a bug.


12:59 PM Bug #1718 (Resolved): spatial search does not work
Spatial search is not working in metacat. This is probably because of casting
problems, where the nodedata column i...
Matt Jones


03:41 PM Bug #1711 (Resolved): apostrophe in text element causes xslt error
a text element that contains an apostrophe causes metacat to throw an xslt
error. It says that the character 0x19 i...
Chad Berkley


04:49 PM Bug #1703 (Resolved): spatial search does not work
the spatial bounding box search dialog in morpho does not return any results
even when it should.
Also: The lab...
Chad Berkley


01:13 PM Revision 2327 (metacat): Thanks Jing, Fixed those code comments.
12:02 PM Revision 2326 (metacat): Adde a function to the metacat client to set access on an xml document in a
metacat repository. harris


12:27 PM Bug #1698 (Resolved): Secure replication method
Curently, unsecured metacat replication action is easy to break the replication
setup. But it couldn't create a new ...
Jing Tao


04:25 PM Bug #1658: tracking bug for 1.4.0 release
All items complete. Version 1.4.0 of metacat is now complete, tested, and
released. It is tagged in CVS as METACAT_...
Matt Jones
01:50 PM Revision 2324 (metacat): One last clarification to the install instructions regarding the sql scripts.
Matt Jones
01:35 PM Revision 2323 (metacat): Modified build dist and distsrc targets to be sure the ant tokens are
filtered correctly in the documentation, otherwise the CSS styles do not
show up properly.
Matt Jones
01:02 PM Revision 2322 (metacat): Modified the build to be smarter about making sure that the EML schemas
and styles are in place (so manually running 'geteml' should no longer
be needed), and renamed the 'loaddtdschemas' t...
Matt Jones

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