From 09/13/2006 to 10/12/2006


05:35 PM Bug #2564 (Resolved): escaped "less than" in inlinedata causes invalid eml output
From: inigo san gil <>
> > My valid EML file
> > (
Matthew Perry
02:53 PM Bug #2517: Charset bug: > "less than" symbol does not display correctly
Inigo San Gil also reports a related issue:
My valid EML file
Matt Jones


12:39 PM Revision 3062 (metacat): changed the name of the repository
12:21 PM Revision 3061 (metacat): adding xml-apis
12:19 PM Revision 3060 (metacat): adding xalan.jar
12:07 PM Revision 3059 (metacat): fixed errors in xalan.jar location


09:20 PM Revision 3058 (metacat): read the schema-specific doc title from metacat properties
04:47 PM Revision 3057 (metacat): Correctly cache doc title in the spatial cache
04:45 PM Revision 3056 (metacat): Temporary fix for KML output; geoserver can only handle the points layer


02:44 PM Revision 3055 (metacat): fix to docid overrides to handle an empty result set


02:21 PM Revision 3054 (metacat): Fixed geometry logic to swap north and south if n < s
10:04 AM Bug #2155: Metacat Performace: Rewrite the xml_nodes queries

Following query can be used to replace the first IN clause
select distinct a.docid, a.docname, a.doctype, a.date_cr...
Saurabh Garg
08:51 AM Bug #2155: Metacat Performace: Rewrite the xml_nodes queries
Just changing the 'LIKE' operator to the '=' operator allows the optimizer to use indices if they exist. Unfortunate... Matt Jones
09:11 AM Bug #2557 (Resolved): Metacat Performace: Rewrite the xml_access part of the query
The subpart of metacat search queries that does an access control check is inefficient. It first checks the user_owne... Matt Jones
08:40 AM Bug #1879: Metacat Performance: Summary
The growth of Metacat's document store has eroded the performance gains we made previously. We are now back to havin... Matt Jones
01:13 AM Revision 3053 (metacat): Reverting to previous that uses 'LIKE' for comparisons. This
allows substring matching to work properly, but prevents the postgres index
from being used. As a result, full table...
Matt Jones


04:21 PM Revision 3052 (metacat): Modifications to the table definitions to add indices that should be used
when searching the database. Added an upgrade script to create these
indices as well. Modified to use...
Matt Jones
10:08 AM Bug #192: create a dtd for result sets
CLOSED. Matt Jones
10:08 AM Bug #192: create a dtd for result sets
Closing because we do not intend to provide a resultset DTD -- we will be slowly moving to the more expressive and be... Matt Jones
08:27 AM Bug #2228: Use method other than metadata string filters for determining the organizations affiliationed with a data package
(In reply to comment #2)
> Another possible solution is to specify an attribute in the organization tag
> which speci...
Will Tyburczy
07:21 AM Bug #2228: Use method other than metadata string filters for determining the organizations affiliationed with a data package

Another possible solution is to specify an attribute in the organization tag which specifies if the document belongs...
Saurabh Garg
08:12 AM Bug #1296: Registry: Need to login before the form is filled

This functionality is already implemented for ESA skin and should be extended to all the other skins. So these are m...
Saurabh Garg
08:01 AM Bug #2495: Charset bug: Internationalization
The new relase has broken the code incorporated by the team of Mr. Chau Chin Lin. I have told them that they are welc... Saurabh Garg
07:31 AM Bug #2310: Advanced search functionality has to be integrated into various skins.

there is some advanced search capabilities in lter skin also. those are a potential candidate for advanced functiona...
Saurabh Garg
07:28 AM Bug #2229: Allowing web registry pull-down menu for "Station Name" to select multiple stations

This has been discussed before. We can have two drop down boxes with add and remove buttons in between. So the user ...
Saurabh Garg
06:55 AM Bug #2159: Metacat Performance: Divide xml_nodes based on the doctype

This approach might be worth considering but I think it will only give short term benefits if at all any benefits. T...
Saurabh Garg
06:50 AM Bug #2157: Metacat Performance: Optimize Postgres and Tomcat...

The current RAM specified for Tomat and Postgres in KNB:
Tomcat: 500 MB
Postgres: 760 MB
Saurabh Garg
06:49 AM Bug #2155: Metacat Performace: Rewrite the xml_nodes queries

IN clause is not so efficient. I was able to improve performance by using outer joins instead of IN to improve perfo...
Saurabh Garg
06:40 AM Bug #1980: Duplication when displaying catalog of data packages

Not able to reproduce this bug. Might already be fixed.
Saurabh Garg
06:35 AM Bug #1674: Access control for eml-2.1.0 documents is a copy of and this is the file which needs to be modified. I think cod... Saurabh Garg
06:34 AM Bug #1601: Metacat will add default value for optional parameter into eml 2 document

We need to checkout the newer versions of Xerces and see if the newer version provides an option to avoid entering o...
Saurabh Garg
06:16 AM Bug #2380: returnfield system needs to implement more xpath
If I understand the bug correctly, then this functionality is already present in
Saurabh Garg
05:54 AM Bug #2153: Metacat Performace: Add/drop indices on key columns

For each of the queries, EXPLAIN needs to be done. I have noticed that for some of the queries, full table scan is b...
Saurabh Garg
05:50 AM Bug #1542: SQL Server support broken

Here are the files which need to be updated:
1. src/xmltables-sqlserver.sql
2. src/upgrade-db-to-1.2.sql
3. src/upgr...
Saurabh Garg


04:49 PM Bug #2550: Dateline and polar handling for points
revision 1.4 on SpatialDocument should fix this. Centroids are now calculated correctly for these cases. Matthew Perry
04:47 PM Revision 3051 (metacat): fixed point centroid calculation to reflect bboxs that cross the dateline
04:45 PM Revision 3050 (metacat): fixed point centroid calculation to reflect bboxs that cross the dateline
01:01 PM Revision 3049 (metacat): Fixed up some hardcoded paths in html map templates.
12:07 PM Revision 3048 (metacat): Make spatial query more accurate by actually intersecting geometries in addition to a simple bbox filter. Important for testing intersection of irregular shaped objects or multi-geometries
11:21 AM Revision 3047 (metacat): Added docid override mechanism to DBQuery. Bypasses the queryspec.printSQL method and creates an optimized docid query in cases (like the spatial query) where you know the docids a priori
10:18 AM Revision 3046 (metacat): updated SpecNet Home link to


11:27 AM Bug #1232: cookie needs to be written after knb page login

The session information is not maintained by the skin for some reason. So the JSP part knows that is in session but ...
Saurabh Garg
11:24 AM Bug #129: Metacat Performance: paged Query Returns

The query will probably to be stored on per session basis. Maybe the docids found can be stored in a ordered data st...
Saurabh Garg


05:09 PM Bug #2549: Limit spatial cache to public documents
Changed severity to 'major' .. mostly because its already fixed and I don't like seeing bold red text in my bug list! Matthew Perry
12:23 PM Bug #2549: Limit spatial cache to public documents
Updated SpatialHarvester.queryAllDocids(). Now uses the xml_access table to generate a list of public-readable docids... Matthew Perry
05:07 PM Bug #2553: squery needs to handle spatial query
Oops that should be assigned to me. Sorry sid :-p
The performance issue discussed in the comments of bug 2552 shoul...
Matthew Perry
05:03 PM Bug #2552: Spatial query class to use geotools against the spatial cache
Added a edu.ucsb.nceas.metacat.spatial.SpatialQuery class to handle this. Given a spatial query (4 bounding cooordina... Matthew Perry
04:46 PM Revision 3045 (metacat): Updated spatial query to also look at point spatial cache as some documents may only be represented as a single point.
04:10 PM Revision 3044 (metacat): Rewrote spatial query handler to use geotools directly against the spatial cache.
12:33 PM Bug #2554 (Resolved): Store the spatial data cache outside servlet context
Currently the spatial data cache is stored within the servlet context. Geoserver's configuration hardcodes the shapef... Matthew Perry
12:24 PM Revision 3043 (metacat): Allow only public readable docs in the spatial cache
11:20 AM Revision 3042 (metacat): Remove geoserver error pages from web.xml and allow exceptions to pass through

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