From 10/22/2006 to 11/20/2006


06:11 PM Revision 3098 (metacat): Ensure that spatial operations are only triggered when runSpatialOption is set to true.
05:02 PM Revision 3097 (metacat): Initial import of interactive map components for the following skins: esa, knb2, knp, obfs, nceas, nrs
03:36 PM Revision 3096 (metacat): restored original styles to knp-specific layers


01:44 PM Revision 3095 (metacat): I've added new properties called "styled-shared-path" and
"style-shared-relpath" that represent the directory in
$METACAT_HOME/lib/style/shared. This directory contains share...
Chris Jones
01:37 PM Revision 3094 (metacat): I'm adding a set of EML XSL stylesheets that are separate but similar to those
found in the lib/style/common directory. I have created a directory called
'shared' (in libstyle) and put these modi...
Chris Jones
01:27 PM Revision 3093 (metacat): I'm adding the two html templates from the OBFS skin developed by Matt Jones.
These were used as reference files in the PISCO skin. Chris Jones
01:25 PM Revision 3092 (metacat): I'm adding the two jsp files that originated in the KNB skin developed
by Matthew Brooke, modified for the PISCO skin. Chris Jones
01:23 PM Revision 3091 (metacat): I'm adding the PISCO-specific XSL stylesheets used to transform EML documents to PISCO web pages. Notice that resultset.xsl is now in this templates directory, rather than in lib/style/common since it has PISCO-specific styling.
Chris Jones
01:20 PM Revision 3090 (metacat): I'm adding in a number of supporting image files that make up the PISCO header, navigation bar, and footer sections of the styled web pages.
Chris Jones
01:17 PM Revision 3089 (metacat): I'm adding the legacy PISCO skin to metacat as a starting point to doing CSS-based XSL styling of XML documents in the data catalog. These files were based off of the OBFS and KNB skins.
Chris Jones
09:51 AM Revision 3088 (metacat): Removed the hadcoded servlet context and instead get it from the HTTP request to allow the config files to be installed in any context.
Matt Jones


05:15 PM Revision 3087 (metacat): Updated mapbuilder interface with some cosmetic changes, the demis world map wms layer, removed faulty scalebar, added named regions from morpho to the location dropdown.


01:48 PM Bug #2670 (Resolved): Test Metacat version with updates does not link to the "create a new account" form
This is not a bug for the production version of Metacat(1.6.0). The "Head" version of Metacat does not links to the f... Callie Bowdish
11:48 AM Bug #2669 (Resolved): Mapbuilder incompatible w/ Safari, Opera
Mapbuilder, our current web mapping client, uses the browser to do XSLT transforms on the client side. A number of br... Matthew Perry


06:58 PM Revision 3086 (metacat): Beta version of openalayers wms interface
06:34 PM Revision 3085 (metacat): Beta version of openalayers wms interface
08:47 AM Revision 3084 (metacat): Removed useless mapbuilder ppts which may have viruses


01:55 AM Revision 3083 (metacat): Modified the configuration classes to allow configuration through the web interface of all of the properties set in the file. The layout of this form still needs work, in particular because java.util.Properties does not maintain any order for the properties, nor does it allow for metadata about each property to be set and saved in the file. We can probably overcome this by creating a shadow file that lists all of the options and their metadata (such as grouping, controlled values, etc).
Matt Jones


09:57 AM Bug #2380: returnfield system needs to implement more xpath
this is a duplicate of another ecogrid bug. the query statement in sid's comment does not do what the query statemen... Chad Berkley
03:48 AM Revision 3082 (metacat): Renamed method.
Matt Jones
03:45 AM Revision 3081 (metacat): Began work on a web interface for configuring metacat at runtime. This system
checks the 'configured' property when metacat starts up. If configured=false, then
it loads an HTML form containing ...
Matt Jones


11:30 AM Revision 3080 (metacat): Eliminated the '@release@' ant tag from the rest of the files. The 'release' property is still used in build.xml for creating releases, but the filter is no longer presnt. Now, when updating the metacat files for a release, you have to set the release version in both the build.xml and the files.
Matt Jones
10:54 AM Revision 3079 (metacat): Eliminated unneeded log information in source code file.
Matt Jones
10:51 AM Revision 3078 (metacat): Eliminated the MetacatUtil.printMessage() method in favor of using the Log4J debugging methods.
Matt Jones
10:25 AM Revision 3077 (metacat): Removed the @release@ ant token from all files in 'src'.
Matt Jones


11:39 PM Bug #2566: need to set filename for download files
Also note that some clients, for example Morpho, use pretty meaningless filenames when uploading data. When Morpho i... Matt Jones
11:27 PM Bug #2566: need to set filename for download files
Partial fix checked in, definitely an improvement. Changed the filename that is used when data files are downloaded ... Matt Jones
11:22 PM Revision 3076 (metacat): Changed the filename that is used when data files are downloaded and when XML files are downloaded in XML format. Now, data files use the format "docid-docname". See bug #2566.
Matt Jones
04:08 PM Revision 3075 (metacat): initial import of html versions of spatial option documentation
04:06 PM Revision 3074 (metacat): initial import of html versions of spatial option documentation
03:49 PM Revision 3073 (metacat): Only run spatial cache regeneration once. Plus some fixes to spatial_query action api.


03:17 PM Bug #2648 (Resolved): Update broken LTER link in web templates
All instances of the following LTER link in metacat's web templates:
Duane Costa
03:11 PM Bug #2647 (Resolved): ESA registry doesn't have LTER in login dropdown menu
The ESA data registry login page
does not include LTER in t...
Will Tyburczy
09:15 AM Bug #2646 (Closed): allow eml to specify any valid user as access constraint
Currently EML defines a flexible access control language that targets setting access rights for particular users and ... Matt Jones


10:16 AM Bug #2644 (Resolved): The edit feature in the NCEAS Data Repoistory does not work
The edit feature in the NCEAS Data Repoistory does not work when logged in with a user name who has access to the doc... Callie Bowdish


02:37 PM Revision 3072 (metacat): install.spatial no longer optional since metacat servlet requires some geotools libs. Spatial option can be still be turned off in


02:36 PM Revision 3071 (metacat): added new namespace to the kepler skin
02:12 PM Task #2635 (Closed): Look up for forgotten KNB account names
There should be an easy way for users to submit their email on a form on the KNB website, and have an email sent to t... Will Tyburczy


02:03 PM Bug #2579 (Resolved): Default skin display is slightly broken on IE
The default skin has some cosmetic problems in Internet Explorer. The blue section header bars do not display properl... Matthew Perry


05:13 PM Revision 3070 (metacat): Changed float object handling in spatial components in order to compile on jdk 1.4.2


06:32 PM Revision 3069 (metacat): Ensure that spatial cache respects changed access constraints for updated documents
06:29 PM Revision 3068 (metacat): Ensure that spatial cache respects changed access constraints for updated documents


04:52 PM Revision 3067 (metacat): example build properties files for win and ubuntu platforms
04:43 PM Revision 3066 (metacat): Added some install docs specific to ubuntu and windows setups
02:28 PM Revision 3065 (metacat): Trimmed down initial shapefiles. They must exist in order to start geoserver properly but there's no need for them to have actual data, just a dummy feature with the proper geometry type (multipoint, multipolygon).
01:25 PM Revision 3064 (metacat): Removed most (all?) of the deprecated spatial metacat code from head


08:04 AM Revision 3063 (metacat): Modified backup script to exclude the backup archives themselves rom the tar file.
This recursion had caused a disk full error at KNP. Matt Jones

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