From 12/06/2006 to 01/04/2007


02:49 PM Revision 3139 (metacat): Change the timedReplication value from "on off" to "true false".
Jing Tao


02:56 PM Revision 3138 (metacat): Add index.html in welcome file list.
Jing Tao


06:00 PM Revision 3137 (metacat): ESA server does some funky things to relative URLS so we have to hardcode the esa skin urls to use a specific root and context


11:15 AM Revision 3136 (metacat): Added an explanation of john h's old spatial diagrams
10:10 AM Revision 3135 (metacat): mention ruby client in readme
09:51 AM Revision 3134 (metacat): added gpl header to php metacat lib
05:08 PM Revision 3132 (metacat): Initial import of Chad Burt's ruby metacat client
04:20 PM Revision 3131 (metacat): Remove utilities.jar as part of distsrc target to allow compiling releases under different jdk versions


11:27 AM Revision 3130 (metacat): updated version number and readme
11:11 AM Revision 3128 (metacat): added database upgrade script to 1.7 build process
10:57 AM Revision 3127 (metacat): initial import of metacat php client
09:44 AM Revision 3126 (metacat): some clarifications on spatial install process


04:21 PM Revision 3125 (metacat): Add a script can delete xml_revision records.
Jing Tao
04:18 PM Revision 3124 (metacat): The first *complete* draft of the spatial documentation.


11:27 AM Revision 3123 (metacat): Add a script to delete documents manually.
Jing Tao
10:23 AM Revision 3122 (metacat): Minor updates to python module ... default urls and license info
10:13 AM Bug #2691: Update knbweb module to use map
The knbweb now uses the "thumbnail" map on the front page which links to the full interactive mapping application. Re... Matthew Perry
10:03 AM Revision 3121 (metacat): Make world map the default for the common spatial template


04:42 PM Bug #2551: Generalized spatial xpaths for mutliple schemas
Preliminary support for multiple spatial schemas in the same metacat instance has been added to cvs head.
This is co...
Matthew Perry
04:38 PM Revision 3120 (metacat): Added preliminary support for multiple spatial schemas in the same metacat instance .. bug 2551


01:56 PM Bug #2692: Use .jsp and reduce token usage in skins
This should be part of a larger, more systematic effort to eliminate ant tokens. It should not be a priority for the ... Matthew Perry
11:09 AM Bug #2695: Loading map message persists when a WMS is down
Fixed. When image load fails, the layerCount is decremented so that mapbuilder will not display a waiting message unl... Matthew Perry
11:04 AM Revision 3119 (metacat): Fixed mapbuilder loading image when wms is down .. bug 2695


11:59 AM Bug #2695 (Resolved): Loading map message persists when a WMS is down
When an external WMS server goes down, mapbuilder will continue trying to load the layer.. or at least will continue ... Matthew Perry
07:14 PM Bug #2548: Architecture for filtering features from WMS requests
The initial architecture for dynamically generated sld filters is in place. The SLD Factory can now take a list of al... Matthew Perry
07:09 PM Bug #2548: Architecture for filtering features from WMS requests
correction to original bug description:
Currently, all of the *PUBLIC* documents in the metacat database are stored...
Matthew Perry
07:07 PM Revision 3118 (metacat): Initial architecture for dynamically generating SLD/OGC:Filter documents to control which docids get shown on the map. The sldfactory servlet is in place to handle this but is not fully functional since there is currently no way to *quickly* and dynamically generate a list of allowable docids with a level of performance acceptable for real-time web mapping.


01:24 PM Revision 3117 (metacat): Add lter and other institute into option list.
Jing Tao
01:23 PM Revision 3116 (metacat): Add lter and other institutes into option list.
Jing Tao
10:10 AM Bug #2647: ESA registry doesn't have LTER in login dropdown menu
I've got some authors who have a dataset to register, but are waiting on this fix.
Margaret O'Brien
06:29 PM Revision 3115 (metacat): Improved data point styling. Thickened and smoothed the white outline by stacking two fill rules rather than one fill plus stroke.
05:53 PM Revision 3114 (metacat): Changed SLD wizard paths to relative instead of assuming context name was geoserver. Patch has been submitted to geoserver dev team.
05:49 PM Bug #2689: Upgrade to Geoserver 1.4
Due to time constraints, I've upgrade to geoserver 1.4.0 RC5. It's the final release candidate and should be virtuall... Matthew Perry
05:05 PM Revision 3113 (metacat): removed old geoserver/geotools jars that were causing some trouble
04:57 PM Revision 3112 (metacat): upgrade to geoserver 1.4rc5


03:36 PM Revision 3111 (metacat): shortened the latitude/longitude to lat/lon to save screen space
12:59 PM Revision 3110 (metacat): slowly improving the spatial docs
05:35 PM Revision 3109 (metacat): Added changelog for 1.7.0 to readme file. Updated version number in properties.
04:58 PM Revision 3108 (metacat): some quick additions and fixes to the python metacat readme
04:51 PM Revision 3107 (metacat): Initial import of prototype python client library to interact with metacat
04:38 PM Bug #2692 (Resolved): Use .jsp and reduce token usage in skins
The following skins (esa, nrs, obfs, nceas) should be updated to use .jsp and replace use of tokens as much as possib... Matthew Perry
04:31 PM Bug #2691 (Resolved): Update knbweb module to use map
The knbweb module needs to be integrated with our mapbuilder interface. Matthew Perry
04:29 PM Bug #2690 (Resolved): Fully document the spatial option
All aspects of installing, configuring and using the spatial option should be covered in the docs before the release. Matthew Perry
04:27 PM Bug #2689 (Resolved): Upgrade to Geoserver 1.4
The current (12/06/2006) cvs head uses an early beta of geoserver 1.4. Though it works flawlessly for our purposes, i... Matthew Perry
04:25 PM Bug #2548: Architecture for filtering features from WMS requests
Though this won't be fully implemented, it's important to have the basic architecture in place before the first relea... Matthew Perry
04:21 PM Bug #2670: Test Metacat version with updates does not link to the "create a new account" form
The knb skins included with metacat are not the official skins deployed on the knb website. The knbweb module contain... Matthew Perry
04:14 PM Bug #2370: add query and display support for BDP/FGDC metadata
An additional note: Since FGDC (and all non-EML documents) do not contain access constraints, there needs to be an ea... Matthew Perry
04:09 PM Bug #2511: Include an optional spatial dataset package
The high availability of WMS services precludes the need to distribute the raw geospatial datasets. For those with sl... Matthew Perry


03:14 PM Revision 3106 (metacat): Changes to map layout and skins according to input from Callie and Matt

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