From 09/13/2007 to 10/12/2007


04:02 PM Revision 3517 (metacat): Added new functionality for action="Set Access". Includes methods handleChangeAccess, setPublicAccess and getNodeTextStack. Also, cleaned up some code as a result.
03:57 PM Revision 3516 (metacat): Modified string constant "SUB_DOCS_PATH" to be static and public accessible.
03:55 PM Revision 3515 (metacat): Modified to accept (and display) parameters "publicRead" and "message". Modifications to allow users to change public access to package.
03:48 PM Revision 3514 (metacat): Added param to indicate if public has read access or not, in the method "readFromMetacat". It only does this if reading a metadata document, for a skin-format,
and the user is not public. This is useful to the skin's metadata display/editing form, for indicating public access... barteau
05:05 PM Bug #2983: Update PostgreSQL from 7.4 to 8.2 in knb.msi
Consider auto update, RPM upgrade is better chioce. No matter rpm or source instllation, we have to shutdown metacat ... Jing Tao


04:42 PM Bug #2983: Update PostgreSQL from 7.4 to 8.2 in knb.msi
Another issue is about the install dir and the database data dir. The space
needed to install postgresql is about 30 ...
Jing Tao
03:07 PM Bug #2983: Update PostgreSQL from 7.4 to 8.2 in knb.msi
The disadvantage of installing pg8 from source code is that security patches will not be automatically applied. So, ... Matt Jones
02:38 PM Bug #2983: Update PostgreSQL from 7.4 to 8.2 in knb.msi
Here is the time issue:
Since we can install postgresql 8 while 7 is running, installation time is not a big issue. H...
Jing Tao
02:12 PM Bug #2983: Update PostgreSQL from 7.4 to 8.2 in knb.msi
In my test machine, I did succesfully installed 8 while 7 was running. In order to do so, we need install 8 from sour... Jing Tao
02:00 PM Bug #2983 (Resolved): Update PostgreSQL from 7.4 to 8.2 in knb.msi
Here is the email from matt:
I see no problem, so go ahead. However, you should be sure to absolutely mini...
Jing Tao
04:37 PM Revision 3513 (metacat): Some minor code cleanup.
03:58 PM Revision 3512 (metacat): Fixed bug where the Permission Order was always being set to 'allowFirst'.
It was comparing against the constant AccessControlInterface.DENYFIRST with the variable name surrounded by quotes. ... barteau
07:16 AM Revision 3511 (metacat): use garden route park boundary box coordinates for the four "missing" areas (knysna, tsit, mokala, wilderness)
ben leinfelder


06:15 PM Revision 3510 (metacat): initial skin draft for FIRST project as metacat deployment.
will require [much] more customization to be fully useful for project, but this is a start. ben leinfelder


09:34 AM Revision 3509 (metacat): sych left nav list and map locations with the "Parks A-Z" listing.
still missing spatial data for:
Knysna National Lake Area
Mokala National Park
Tsitsikamma National Park
Wilderness N...
ben leinfelder


02:08 PM Revision 3508 (metacat): fix IE compatibility issue with iframe content documents
ben leinfelder
11:44 AM Revision 3507 (metacat): Modified a sql command from "like" to "=". It dramatically improves the peformance of build index.
Jing Tao


05:20 PM Bug #2805: Metacat Performance: updates from Morpho of data packages are taking longer than five minutes
I searched the internet and found somebody said:
==Almost always, if delete is slow when selecting the same rows is ...
Jing Tao


03:57 PM Revision 3506 (metacat): Add two indexes to improve delete and update speed.
Jing Tao
03:56 PM Revision 3505 (metacat): Add two indexes to improve delete and upgrade performance.
Jing Tao
03:55 PM Revision 3504 (metacat): Add two indexes to improve deleting and update speed.
Jing Tao
03:54 PM Revision 3503 (metacat): Add two indexes to improve peformance of deleting and update
Jing Tao
03:42 PM Revision 3502 (metacat): Grant the public read access to the data files, if it was done for the metadata file. Also cleaned-up some debug statements.
03:28 PM Revision 3501 (metacat): Find out if the document is a Member of an EML package, and if that's not the case, than skip the test to see if access is set through EML metadata.
01:23 PM Revision 3500 (metacat): move the navstrip background to the iframe class so that it extends when displaying longer pages (eml docs, say)
ben leinfelder
06:00 PM Revision 3499 (metacat): crop to 112 height - removes bottom light green line
ben leinfelder
05:59 PM Revision 3498 (metacat): make css work in IE. found an errant quotation mark that was throwing IE off and making super-ugly pages.
then it was smoothing out the details one by one... ben leinfelder
05:58 PM Revision 3497 (metacat): move
ben leinfelder
05:57 PM Revision 3496 (metacat): explicitly set white background for main content.
ben leinfelder
05:57 PM Revision 3495 (metacat): add filler for title element so that rendering in IE is not compromised.
use regtext class for paragraph ben leinfelder


02:25 PM Revision 3494 (metacat): crop to 112 height - removes bottom light green line
ben leinfelder
01:29 PM Revision 3493 (metacat): added national parks locations from shapefile
(thank you shaun+postgis) ben leinfelder
10:01 AM Revision 3492 (metacat): use "within" rather than "intersects" as the spatial search criteria for dataset location.
(see bugzilla #2972) ben leinfelder
09:10 AM Revision 3491 (metacat): rearrange login validation javascript so that it actually works
ben leinfelder
08:50 AM Revision 3490 (metacat): added commented out reference to the all-in-one sanparks.xsl (resultset, eml, fgdc handling). this is for use with the no-iframe skin approach
ben leinfelder
08:46 AM Revision 3489 (metacat): keep the commented out lines incase we want to switch to no-iframes skin
ben leinfelder
08:44 AM Revision 3488 (metacat): changes used when experimenting with the no-iframe method of skinning (does not conflict with the previous method if skinning that uses iframes)
ben leinfelder
08:42 AM Revision 3487 (metacat): remove unused page import
ben leinfelder


05:00 PM Revision 3486 (metacat): Fixed 3 bugs:
1) If there is a call to this class without an "action" (i.e. the initial time the login form is loaded) a null point... barteau


04:10 PM Revision 3485 (metacat): Modifications to accomodate Downloads. Includes "Download" forms/buttons.
04:08 PM Revision 3484 (metacat): Modifications to accomodate Downloads.
04:06 PM Revision 3483 (metacat): Created method "private void download(ClientView bean, HttpServletResponse response)", along with several other additions to support downloading.
Includes functionality for FGDC-related package downloads (zip file) and individual data file downloads, with origina... barteau
04:02 PM Revision 3482 (metacat): Created new XPath constants for FGDC queries.
04:00 PM Revision 3481 (metacat): Created method "synchronized public InputStream sendParameters(Properties args) throws Exception".
Sends a request to Metacat. An alternative to the sentData method. Allows for sending multiple parameters with the ... barteau
06:04 PM Revision 3479 (metacat): clean up the commented out option list
close <form> tag ben leinfelder


02:38 PM Revision 3478 (metacat): deleted a empty bulletin.
Jing Tao
08:34 AM Revision 3477 (metacat): comment out annoying alert() debug statements
ben leinfelder
05:12 PM Bug #2971: Metacat Skins test report
Fixed the bug of default skin - clicking create new account, the new page will just show in the frame. Adding a targe... Jing Tao
05:08 PM Revision 3476 (metacat): fixed the bug that clicking create new user link(and change password and reset password links) will just show the new page in a frame.
Jing Tao


04:41 PM Revision 3475 (metacat): refactored <access> and <allow> element creation. Added logic to give both owner and skin admin privilages to access uploaded data objects.
04:23 PM Revision 3474 (metacat): Minor fixes to improve the registry CSS to match the new NCEAS skin. Still reliant on iframes, so the overall L+F is broken.
06:05 PM Bug #2971: Metacat Skins test report
After Shaun's new check-in, I test obfs,ltss, nrs and specnet skins. After login, the page can be redirected to entry... Jing Tao
05:19 PM Bug #1552: Dependence of NCEAS registry on Admin database
Callie's comment from dupe:
The ability to "search" on the list with somekind of "auto-field"
is mentioned and would...
Shaun Walbridge
05:18 PM Bug #1552: Dependence of NCEAS registry on Admin database
*** Bug 2785 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. *** Shaun Walbridge
05:18 PM Bug #2785: NCEAS project list does not update from the NCEAS admin database
Duplicate of bug #1552, marking as dupe, re-assigning the original to me.
*** This bug has been marked as a duplicat...
Shaun Walbridge
05:14 PM Bug #1296: Registry: Need to login before the form is filled
Fixed for skins which use the registry (NCEAS, ESA, NRS, OBFS, SPECNET, LTSS). Changed registry workflow to redirect ... Shaun Walbridge


04:12 PM Revision 3473 (metacat): Cleaned up regexes used in register-dataset.cgi to support arbitrary numbers of elements for keywords. Cleaned up regexes for state selection, to omit default values. Added debug as a GET parameter, so a page can be debugged by appending `&debug=1'. Committed latest changes to file processing, to allow files to be deleted after returning to the entry page from confirmation or processing errors. Seperated out entryForm.js from entryForm.tmpl to simplify debugging.
04:04 PM Revision 3471 (metacat): Changes in login processing to match new register-dataset.cgi workflow: user must login before seeing the form, to prevent data loss. New template login.xsl provides simple redirection back to register-dataset.cgi.
03:57 PM Revision 3470 (metacat): Moved images to images/ subfolder
03:56 PM Bug #2971 (Resolved): Metacat Skins test report
Here are some problems happened in different skins
1) In obfs,ltss, nrs and specnet skins, there is no logout mechan...
Jing Tao
03:53 PM Revision 3469 (metacat): NCEAS skin changes: moved images into subfolder for organization, moved search javascript into sea
rch.js to cut down on replication. Modifications to nceas.css and midnight.css to clean up integration of Drupal theme. walbridge
09:59 PM Revision 3468 (metacat): Add debug information.
Jing Tao


04:49 PM Revision 3467 (metacat): Use localhost to replace the host name in case axi is configured to reject remote admin.
Jing Tao
03:57 PM Revision 3466 (metacat): Get rid of the hard code kepler for web context.
Jing Tao
06:44 PM Revision 3465 (metacat): Add a new test to test new query method with qformat.
Jing Tao
06:43 PM Revision 3464 (metacat): Add a new method - query which can specify qformat.
Jing Tao
06:42 PM Revision 3463 (metacat): Add new query method which can specify qformat.
Jing Tao


04:13 PM Revision 3462 (metacat): use 'squery' searching so that both EML and FGDC can be searched based on location and an anyfield search string.
changed 'All' to use empty string ("") value rather than "%" - plays better with QueryGroup ben leinfelder
10:37 AM Revision 3461 (metacat): Replaced the reference to knp.js with a generalized call to the skins javascript, using the qformat's setting.


03:25 PM Revision 3460 (metacat): use INTERSECTION for query operator (aka AND) so that we actually _limit_ by the park name...
ben leinfelder
02:56 PM Revision 3459 (metacat): added:
-zoom on map with named locations for quick spatial searching based on selected park name (hooray javascript!)
ben leinfelder
02:30 PM Revision 3458 (metacat): Modified the "clientDeleteRequest" method to handle meta-file deletes.
02:28 PM Revision 3457 (metacat): Clear the bean's "action" property after most operations are complete, in case user refreshes the browser (it won't repeat). Modified "delete" code, and "handleFileUpdate" method. Added new methods: getStringFromInputStream and makeRedirectUrl.
02:21 PM Revision 3456 (metacat): Added property "metaFileDocId", and constant "UPDATE_MESSAGE", to accomodate update and delete operations.
02:14 PM Revision 3455 (metacat): Confirmation dialag, which displays a message. Initial checkin. Intended to be the destination JSP when an entire data package is deleted (i.e. deleting the metadata file). Placed in common folder, since it is not skin specific.
02:11 PM Revision 3454 (metacat): Moved location of file from skin to common, since it is independant of a single skin. Modified most of the internal code to allow redirecting request to an appropriate destination.
02:07 PM Revision 3453 (metacat): Modified form action URL's. Removed call to map. Used shorter version of JSP syntax in forms.


09:43 AM Revision 3452 (metacat): include doctype of metadata for FGDC spatial harvesting.
also specify bounding elements for metadata_(E/W/N/S)
NOTE: bounding elements must correspond to elements as include...
ben leinfelder
09:37 AM Revision 3451 (metacat): insert mapframe in included page, rather than index.jsp -
columns layout correctly this way. ben leinfelder
09:36 AM Revision 3450 (metacat): rearrange map controls to right side of image.
remove extraneous style.css ref ben leinfelder
09:35 AM Revision 3449 (metacat): do not use absolute positioning for mapFrame - goofs up the cursor bounding box dragging offset
ben leinfelder
09:34 AM Revision 3448 (metacat): do not render Kruger-specific layers in mapbuilder frame
ben leinfelder
09:31 AM Revision 3447 (metacat): use Arial for Park_Name labels on geoserver/mapbuilder rendering
ben leinfelder


03:35 PM Revision 3446 (metacat): include SANParks boundary layer in the geoserver for sanparks skin
ben leinfelder
03:34 PM Revision 3445 (metacat): use the sanparks giraffe image
ben leinfelder


02:06 PM Revision 3444 (metacat): Updated the NCEAS skin to reflect the new structure of the NCEAS web site. There is now a new nceas.xsl file that handles the XSLT transforms for both metacat resultsets and for EML documents. This file imports xsl templates from the style/common dir in order to render the results table and EML document within an HTML document that follows the style of the NCEAS website. This required refactoring the original resultset.xsl and eml.xsl files in style/common so that the use of iframes can be easily eliminated.
Items still TODO:
test visual layout fully -- make sure wide tables work
refactor the PERL templates to also use an...
Matt Jones
01:56 PM Revision 3443 (metacat): Change the release tag for the EML stylesheets to be used by metacat to EML_RELEASE_2_0_1_UPDATE_4 so that the new stylesheet changes are incorporated. To pick up these changes in a local metacat build, you need to delete the files in metacat/lib/schema as well as metacat/lib/style/common/eml-*, then do a clean build with "ant clean install". When you do this, you should see the "geteml" target run in the build, and youshould be prompted for your CVS password to download the new schema versions.
Any additional changes to the MEL distribution for this metacat release should be tagged with the UPDATE_4 tag listed... Matt Jones
12:27 PM Revision 3442 (metacat): Added a refactored resultset stylesheet that allows skins to override the container format to not use iframes. The continaing skin can now import resulttable.xsl and call the result table template directly.
Matt Jones
10:09 AM Revision 3441 (metacat): add some hierarchy to left nav organization list
ben leinfelder
09:58 AM Revision 3440 (metacat): minor formatting changes
09:48 AM Revision 3439 (metacat): removed panel head corners because they did not display correctly in I.E. on the Metacat build , adjusted option buttons.
09:45 AM Revision 3438 (metacat): I changed blue corners because of display problem with Internet Explorer on Metacat Build files.
09:43 AM Revision 3437 (metacat): Changed blue header corners because they did not work correctly on Internet Explorer. The production server displays okay but theMetacat build does not display correctly so I took the round corners off. Maybe there is some problem with the difference between tablehead corners in default.css
09:41 AM Revision 3436 (metacat): changed header style to accommodate the wide table display. Made the text for the tilte align=left and the table witdh="100%" for the Data Catalog Search part.

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