From 03/25/2009 to 04/23/2009


04:22 PM Bug #4023 (New): In sanparks skin, Geographic Description Required
In the sanparks skin, the geographic description is required. It should have and asterisk beside it, and register-da... Michael Daigle
09:35 AM Revision 4933 (metacat): Add redirect to skins directory.


10:24 AM Bug #3886: Metacat perfomance analysis
Made a fix to the way the FileUtil reads in files. Otherwise, the monitors made it look like tomcat was using more m... Michael Daigle
09:05 AM Revision 4932 (metacat): include the "mock up" search fields
ben leinfelder


11:32 AM Revision 4931 (metacat): Removed CVS and added LSID installation instructions (untested).


09:11 AM Revision 4930 (metacat): added title page and updated replication instructions.


05:33 PM Revision 4929 (metacat): Incorporated Mike's feedback


10:47 AM Revision 4928 (metacat): word 97 version
10:40 AM Revision 4927 (metacat): Added this temporarily because I updated an old version of the doc


11:13 AM Revision 4926 (metacat): Add ssl virtualhost. Change non-ssl to work with ssl.
05:55 PM Revision 4924 (metacat): Updated Replication instructions


11:47 AM Revision 4923 (metacat): updating draft.
10:33 AM Revision 4921 (metacat): Fix reference to old common/eml-2.0.1 directory
10:13 AM Revision 4918 (metacat): Fix reference to old common/eml-2.0.1 directory
08:55 PM Revision 4917 (metacat): working on incorporating feedback


04:27 PM Revision 4916 (metacat): Further fixes to handle mixed-file uploads:
- set the fileCount object based on upCount existing files
- use ucount only if it exists; remove debugging'
03:06 PM Bug #3982 (Closed): Geoserver processes obsolete requests in background
If shapes are drawn on a map repeatedly and the map keeps resizing, geoserver keeps processing the layers for all req... Michael Daigle
09:34 AM Revision 4910 (metacat): Update load testing scripts
09:34 AM Revision 4909 (metacat): This file will be autogenerated with a script and doesn't need to be checked into svn


01:59 PM Revision 4908 (metacat): Redid outline to be 2/3 levels/fit on one page.


11:04 AM Revision 4907 (metacat): Add load test documentation
10:59 AM Revision 4906 (metacat): Update load test code


03:29 PM Bug #3928: Support multiple administrators ACL rules in editing existing documents
Fixed in r4905, with a relatively simple fix: displays the LDAP string of the document owner instead of the bogus Mor... Shaun Walbridge
03:28 PM Revision 4905 (metacat): Display helpful error message when user lacks permissions to edit a document, supress the 'use Morpho' message (closes Bug #3928)
01:56 PM Bug #3950: Uploading additional files to an existing file breaks the permissions radio button
Fixed in r4904. Shaun Walbridge
01:51 PM Bug #3950: Uploading additional files to an existing file breaks the permissions radio button
Fixed in r4904. Shaun Walbridge
01:50 PM Bug #3950 (Resolved): Uploading additional files to an existing file breaks the permissions radio button
When modifying an existing data package, trying to use the 'upload data' element breaks, as the script doesn't detect... Shaun Walbridge
01:51 PM Revision 4904 (metacat): fix bug #3950, make additional uploads stick when modifying a document
10:26 AM Revision 4903 (metacat): Change confirm page text to make it seem less like a receipt of completed information, which has confused a few NCEAS participants. Lower the visual impact of the horizontal rules.


03:26 PM Revision 4902 (metacat): Insert and squery load tests


02:47 PM Revision 4901 (metacat): Three small fixes:
- 'salutation' was misspelled and wasn't picked up correctly in document modificiation
- keyword handling wasn't set...
01:34 PM Revision 4900 (metacat): Matt's comments on Metacat Admin guide.
Matt Jones
07:08 PM Revision 4899 (metacat): Enable uploads for the default KNB skin. With the improvements to infrastructure Mike's done, this should work like a charm
05:45 PM Revision 4898 (metacat): do not duplicate the true/false indicators for the metadata vocab/value matrix
ben leinfelder
05:40 PM Revision 4897 (metacat): use recordNum instead of studentId for transposed data
ben leinfelder
05:20 PM Revision 4896 (metacat): use "recordNum" rather than "studentId"
ben leinfelder
05:00 PM Revision 4895 (metacat): omit studentId values from normal resultset
strip the html tags from the qti elements for both return formats ben leinfelder


04:27 PM Revision 4894 (metacat): Removed spatial coverage requirement for KNB skin
03:20 PM Revision 4893 (metacat): disable output escaping for CDATA html elements
ben leinfelder
02:24 PM Bug #3928: Support multiple administrators ACL rules in editing existing documents
The issue isn't actually with auth.moderators, though we will want to either change the behavior to not include every... Shaun Walbridge
09:36 AM Revision 4892 (metacat): split vocab/value into two columns (can easily switch back to single column)
ben leinfelder
05:03 PM Bug #3929: Mulitple keywords aren't processed by the edit action properly
Fixed in r4891 Shaun Walbridge
05:00 PM Bug #3929 (Resolved): Mulitple keywords aren't processed by the edit action properly
There's been a regression since 1.8.1 and editing multiple keywords no longer works (originally part of #3319). It l... Shaun Walbridge
05:01 PM Revision 4891 (metacat): Adding back fix for editing documents with multiple keywords, closing #3929


04:01 PM Bug #3928 (Resolved): Support multiple administrators ACL rules in editing existing documents
This document is throwing and ACL error when trying to edit it:
Shaun Walbridge
12:00 PM Revision 4890 (metacat): question choices and metadata selection controlled by a counter - can easily increase the number returned...note: probably need to make this a parameter for user or be intelligent about figuring what the widest question is (ie: does it have 5,10,20! metadata entries?)
ben leinfelder
10:21 AM Revision 4889 (metacat): include short answer prompts in the resultset view
ben leinfelder
10:06 AM Revision 4888 (metacat): include prompt for both multiple choice and short answer questions when downloading
ben leinfelder
09:08 AM Revision 4887 (metacat): omit the demographic data - this is not well-defined for the prototype
ben leinfelder


03:43 PM Revision 4886 (metacat): omit duplicate values in the for the standard metadata header section (columns for each question)
ben leinfelder
03:26 PM Revision 4885 (metacat): omit the metadata vocab/values from the normal header section since they will be used in the "matrix-style" header section
ben leinfelder
02:16 PM Revision 4884 (metacat): added more docs
01:03 PM Bug #3922 (Resolved): Registry inserts "Select state or territory here." as default value
On the data registry form for new data submissions, the "U.S. State or Territory" drop down menu has a default value ... Jim Regetz
12:03 PM Revision 4883 (metacat): add vocab name/value matrix above data rows.
currently there is only a single column for the concatenated value of the vocab name + "/" + vocab value. it's so muc... ben leinfelder
09:33 AM Revision 4881 (metacat): reduce the extra whitespace on the transpose
ben leinfelder


04:01 PM Revision 4880 (metacat): hide the "transpose" checkbox except when on the data cart page
ben leinfelder
11:10 AM Revision 4879 (metacat): use name attributes for selection entity-attributes.
note: this is still a static version of which question-level metadata is being included in the resultset ben leinfelder
11:08 AM Revision 4878 (metacat): only "correct" non-null values
ben leinfelder


01:25 PM Revision 4877 (metacat): allow both text nodes and cdata nodes to provide content for document data package values (FIRST)
ben leinfelder
01:17 PM Revision 4876 (metacat): include qPrompt and qChoice
need to quote the csv so that commas in the question text do not throw it off ben leinfelder
11:21 AM Revision 4875 (metacat): Now the metadata attributes show as rows above the data.
very close!
todo: special handling for thesaurus (ie NBII/Bloom) metadata fields
ben leinfelder
09:15 AM Revision 4874 (metacat): pivot constrained to a List of specific attributes: studentId (record number), score, response.
This is the "lower half" of the return set (data).
now: on to the metadata header rows
ben leinfelder
05:02 PM Revision 4873 (metacat): Update version to 1.9.1. Add nrs ldap properties to configuration.


04:06 PM Revision 4872 (metacat): Now doing the dataquery/download in the FIRST skin's jsp rather than embedded in the Metacat servlet.
TODO: implement the very-custom data return format agreed upon by the FIRST team ben leinfelder
04:02 PM Revision 4871 (metacat): remove DataTranspose from core metacat - only used in FIRST skin for this 1.9.1 release
ben leinfelder
02:21 PM Bug #3920 (New): ldapweb should use the correct location for 'organization' properties
To work around issues with modifying post-deployment, the UCNRS organization properties (including... Shaun Walbridge
02:04 PM Revision 4870 (metacat): Include hack for UCNRS organization properties.
02:03 PM Revision 4869 (metacat): add LDAP base to NRS skin properties
11:09 AM Revision 4868 (metacat): - build up username using base if username isn't fully qualified (e.g. cn=Manager,dc=ecoinformatics,dc=org)
- additional debugging statements for changePassword walbridge
11:07 AM Revision 4867 (metacat): add UCNRS LDAP properties
06:34 PM Bug #3913: "forget password page" (ldap) on dev doesn't work for nceas organization
The removal of the organization LDAP properties (r4729) caused this to break. I've added an simple autoconfiguration ... Shaun Walbridge
06:29 PM Revision 4866 (metacat): - fix error reporting for failed password reset request
- automatically generate necessary LDAP parameters from our defaults,
included in auth.base and unaffiliated proper...


04:38 PM Revision 4865 (metacat): - reformat header
- add debugging for getLdapEntry searches
- add 'filter' parameter for organizations
03:42 PM Revision 4864 (metacat): Provide improved contextUrl, provide proper URL in password reset message body
03:04 PM Revision 4863 (metacat): Accidentally removed ACCESS constant declaration. Restored.
02:41 PM Revision 4862 (metacat): Handle UtilException
02:41 PM Revision 4861 (metacat): Roll back replication user changes. Fix code that converts access levels to integer and to text.
02:36 PM Revision 4860 (metacat): Add date to log output

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