From 04/29/2014 to 05/28/2014


05:19 PM Revision 8801 (metacat): add more sections about extending the annotation model, serializations, and permissions.
ben leinfelder
02:59 PM Bug #6053 (In Progress): Include rendered Metadata in Bagit content
This is all wired up in Metacat now and uses the L+F of the default skin (not the new Metacat UI look). Lauren is goi... ben leinfelder
12:06 PM Feature #6558 (Rejected): Update the Metacat skins with the new CSS used in the EML project
Also check that changes to the XSL files aren't causing style problems in each skin - default, SANPARKS, SAEON, etc.
Lauren Walker
11:49 AM Revision 8800 (metacat): Include PDF version of the metadata in the package download.
ben leinfelder
11:48 AM Revision 8799 (metacat): use default "metacat" context name for metacat-index testing.
ben leinfelder


04:14 PM Revision 8798 (metacat): Added more description for the model. cleaned up a few formatting issues.
ben leinfelder


05:29 PM Revision 8797 (metacat): draft of semantic model documentation
ben leinfelder
03:08 PM Revision 8796 (metacat): Change geohash type to "string" (was "text") so that no Solr analysis or tokenizing happens during indexing.
Peter Slaughter


02:01 PM Story #6440: Keep DOI registrations current and resolvable
Modified the EZID java library and the Metacat DOIService to use the multithreaded ezid client class. This should hel... ben leinfelder
01:59 PM Revision 8795 (metacat): take advantage of the ezidclient for multi-threaded/asynchronous DOI registration. This will be most useful for doing large batch updates and not so much for the one-at-a-time publish actions but works in either context.
ben leinfelder


06:24 PM Revision 8794 (metacat): use a member instance of ezid service that only logs in every 24 hours (or other time TBD) instead of every time there is an interaction with the service. Saves us many calls when doing batch updates to ezid but keeps us from trying to use expired sessions. Motivated by
ben leinfelder
02:59 PM Revision 8793 (metacat): Fixed an error in the ORE model diagrams
Lauren Walker


04:11 PM Revision 8792 (metacat): prevent js scriptlets from running when we return error messages to the client by escaping any potentially harmful xml blocks.
ben leinfelder
04:09 PM Revision 8791 (metacat): allow updates to all doi: prefixes - realized we are already restricting to specific replica servers when updating these. worst case is we try to update a registration for which we are not the owner.
ben leinfelder
04:08 PM Revision 8790 (metacat): show the SM and ORE generation buttons even if they have not registered/configured dataone. many potential MNs want to see their generated SM _before_ registering (and we want them to too!).
ben leinfelder
10:56 AM Feature #5989: Track data download, view and citation statistics
I believe this is now all targeted for the CNs. We may consider moving tasks into the DataONE tracker as appropriate... ben leinfelder
10:40 AM Revision 8789 (metacat): restrict DOI updates to DOIs that match our server shoulder -- may consider opening this up to any "doi:" prefix if this is too restrictive.
ben leinfelder
10:35 AM Story #6440 (In Progress): Keep DOI registrations current and resolvable
There is now a section in the metacat admin screen (replication configuration) for updating DOIs. Three input choices... ben leinfelder
10:00 AM Bug #6475 (Closed): CN.create() implementation sets SystemMetadata.archived=false
We need to allow cn.create() calls with archived=true in cases where the CN is harvesting old/archived objects that s... ben leinfelder
09:57 AM Bug #6466 (Closed): Groups Assignment after making some accounts aliases
Jing and I talked about this and I agree with his proposal and implementation. ben leinfelder


02:21 PM Revision 8788 (metacat): use separate surName and givenNames to lookup ORCIDs.
ben leinfelder
01:17 PM Revision 8787 (metacat): Changed errors in the ORE model expansion metacat documentation diagrams
Lauren Walker


04:49 PM Feature #6556 (Rejected): Create PROV annotations in ResourceMapFactory
Add methods such as addWasDerivedFrom() to add PROV triples to an RDF Lauren Walker
04:13 PM Task #6555 (Closed): Convert PNG diagrams in ORE Model Expansion doc to plantUML diagrams
Lauren Walker
04:12 PM Story #6548 (In Progress): Expand ORE model to allow relationships for derived datasets
A page in the metacat docs has been added to describe changes to Metacat's ORE model. Lauren Walker
03:13 PM Revision 8786 (metacat): Describe the primary data resource in the derived resource RDF
Lauren Walker
10:03 AM Revision 8785 (metacat): Create a derived data and metadata in the OrePackageTest
Lauren Walker


03:17 PM Revision 8784 (metacat): all full-text queries for ORCID, but it isn't that great because we might have a"PISCO" creator that shows us in may different orcid profiles...false matches.
ben leinfelder
11:55 AM Revision 8783 (metacat): correct glaring erros -- still needs to be honed, but at least it runs without NPE and Jena/foresite errors
ben leinfelder
11:29 AM Revision 8782 (metacat): stub for testing ORE augmentation - this generates an ORE, adds a "wasDerivedFrom" triple and saves to Metacat MN for indexing.
ben leinfelder
10:27 AM Revision 8781 (metacat): include ORE formatId as handled by the RDF subprocessor and index prov:wasDerivedFrom field where it exists in the RDF model.
ben leinfelder
09:34 AM Revision 8780 (metacat): expand the sparql queries to include dcterms:identifier
ben leinfelder


02:09 PM Revision 8779 (metacat): Text changes to ORE docs
Lauren Walker
01:22 PM Revision 8778 (metacat): Add documentation for the ORE model expansion for derived data
Lauren Walker
12:04 PM Revision 8777 (metacat): use HttpClient to query orcid so I can easily set headers and such -- getting 503s from their production server when I test on dev.nceas...odd
ben leinfelder
11:43 AM Revision 8776 (metacat): adjust tests for production service -- more "real" information shows additional return values from the query.
ben leinfelder
09:18 AM Revision 8775 (metacat): switch to the production ORCID server for looking up orcid matches for our creators.
add test to summarize how many creator matches we can actually find. ben leinfelder


03:36 PM Revision 8774 (metacat): use a non-public rightsHolder for both EML and Annotation test documents now that the RDF subprocessor checks each annotation to see that it came from a user that as write permission for the object being annotated.
ben leinfelder
03:34 PM Revision 8773 (metacat): test for update using the updated EML file, not the original. Also add the SM to the shared map so that the indexing process can consult SM.accessPolicy when indexing annotations that assert things about those test documents.
ben leinfelder
03:32 PM Revision 8772 (metacat): ignore the metacat/solr comparator tests - they are one-offs.
ben leinfelder
03:31 PM Revision 8771 (metacat): change the hazelcast group name to be the default "metacat" instance so that the metacat-index tests pass without additional local configuration, at least when running a default metacat deployment.
ben leinfelder
01:36 PM Feature #6554 (New): Tag the Metacat doc pages to populate the docs index
The Metacat docs index is pretty sparse right now with only 2 terms. It would be pretty simple to go through each pag... Lauren Walker


12:55 PM Bug #6488 (Closed): Comply with DataONE MN.query() REST endpoint specifications.
been using this in Metacat/MetacatUI for a while now...closing. ben leinfelder
12:50 PM Feature #6416 (In Progress): Do not allow restrictive access control change to content with a DOI
Thinking about this more, we have only CN.setAccessPolicy() in the DataONE API. So any change in the access policy wo... ben leinfelder
11:31 AM Revision 8770 (metacat): do not set archived=false for all CN.create calls. The CN will use create() even harvesting content that is new to it and needs to handle already-archived content.
ben leinfelder
11:29 AM Bug #6475 (Feedback): CN.create() implementation sets SystemMetadata.archived=false
Commenting out this in the Metacat impl -- not sure why this was being set explicitly to begin with. ben leinfelder


01:48 PM Revision 8769 (metacat): cache the imported models to avoid timeouts from remote hosts (or being locked out for too many requests in a given time period).
ben leinfelder


04:25 PM Revision 8768 (metacat): process all the returned annotation suggestions until we find one that is appropriately located in the subclass hierarchy for the given superclass.
ben leinfelder
04:23 PM Revision 8767 (metacat): use in-memory TDB dataset for querying annotations for indexing -- this comes with the same reasoning capabilities as the directory-based one, but has the benefit of not filling the directory with triples that will not be used again. prepping for d1 AHM
ben leinfelder


11:16 PM Revision 8766 (metacat): pass around the object file path rather than the data stream so that multiple subprocessors can index the same object and not consume the stream before it gets to the next one. In preparation for extending the assertions stored in OREs.
ben leinfelder
11:12 PM Revision 8765 (metacat): when indexing annotations directly, just use an in-memory triple store rather than TDB since we remove each graph as it is processed (and my TDB instance would get into the multi-GB range with a few runs, even if I removed the old models)
ben leinfelder
10:42 AM Story #6548: Expand ORE model to allow relationships for derived datasets
Looking at the ORE spec, this is certainly acceptable practice - they just want to make sure that there isn't any orp... ben leinfelder


04:22 PM Story #6548 (Closed): Expand ORE model to allow relationships for derived datasets
Design a new model for Metacat's OREs where relationships:
- wasGeneratedBy
- derivedFrom
- used
- etc.
are ...
Lauren Walker
02:10 PM Bug #6546 (Closed): old metacat URIs should redirect to #view service
Metacat trunk now has the short form Metatcat read URIs redirecting to the Metacat UI #view using the looked-up pid/i... ben leinfelder


05:17 PM Revision 8764 (metacat): redirect "short form" metacat read URIs to the the new Metacat UI using the configured UI context. This translates the docid -> pid to use the correct identifier for the correct service.
ben leinfelder
01:39 PM Bug #6546: old metacat URIs should redirect to #view service
It looks like we have decided that we will redirect users to the new KNB /#view service from the /metacat/{docid} KNB... Lauren Walker
11:37 AM Bug #6546: old metacat URIs should redirect to #view service
For the perl registry, I ended up needing another Metacat servlet method to get the docid when given a pid:
ben leinfelder
11:21 AM Bug #6546: old metacat URIs should redirect to #view service
We could update the Metacat KNB skin with a informational message about the new KNB redesign with a link to the new K... Lauren Walker
10:52 AM Bug #6546: old metacat URIs should redirect to #view service
You are proposing a redirect from a Metacat docid to a DataONE Identifier -- these are not always the same value and ... ben leinfelder
02:25 AM Bug #6546 (Resolved): old metacat URIs should redirect to #view service
Researchers have complained that prior citations on the KNB metacat of the form:
Matt Jones


04:39 PM Revision 8763 (metacat): simplify lookup for classes and orcid. remove the "random" annotation code branches -- just too confusing to look at those bogus classes especially now that we have "real" generated annotations.
ben leinfelder


03:47 PM Revision 8762 (metacat): add 'test' for indexing annotations without actually storing the RDF of the generated annotation.
ben leinfelder
03:46 PM Revision 8761 (metacat): only allow multiple values for multi-valued fields....
ben leinfelder
02:17 PM Feature #6530 (Resolved): Create a new service to update DOI pointers
I checked in the UpdateDOI class today which has the ability to either:
-Update all DOIs for metadata with an EML na...
Lauren Walker
01:33 PM Bug #6531 (Resolved): Make sure that the MN node description wouldn't be overwritten by the default value during a Metacat upgrading
I can't reproduce the bug any more. I also looked the code and the node description shouldn't be overwritten by the d... Jing Tao
01:02 PM Revision 8760 (metacat): Add admin service to update DOI registrations by specifying a list of formatIds or DOIs, or update all.
Lauren Walker


05:21 PM Revision 8759 (metacat): use new method to override the CN URL when constructing a CNode instance. see
ben leinfelder
04:55 PM Revision 8758 (metacat): use newer httpclient library so that Jena's dependency is met - this goes all the way back to d1_common/libclient needing to pull in the newer library.
ben leinfelder
04:54 PM Revision 8757 (metacat): first pass at direct EML->semantic index method. Still produces an RDF model, but does not persist it in Metacat, only in the triplestore. Allows us to re-run without adding stale RDF to the MN store.
ben leinfelder
04:52 PM Revision 8756 (metacat): allow multivalued fields to be indexed using the "fields" pass through.
ben leinfelder
04:47 PM Revision 8755 (metacat): Remove the attribute disable from the update button if it has been submitted.
Jing Tao
03:31 PM Revision 8754 (metacat): The image which has the default values.
Jing Tao
03:13 PM Revision 8753 (metacat): Add a new screen shot which contains the cn url.
Jing Tao

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