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1681 Bug Resolved Access not checked while file uploading
1137 Bug Resolved add a metacat-info action
1390 Bug Resolved add UCNRS to the ldapweb.cgi management lists
186 Bug Resolved add web metadata entry form for Metacat
1671 Bug Resolved editing registry entry deletes keywords
1235 Bug Resolved enable passthrough parameters to support stysheet params
1682 Bug Resolved Error in handling of docid formats
101 Bug Resolved generate data set usage metadata/ provide access log
1467 Bug Resolved getprincipals action returns referal entries in url form
1466 Bug Resolved getprinicpals action doesnt return trees for UCNRS and PISCO
1202 Bug Resolved If request sessionid not recognized, Metacat SQL error & 0 records returned
1142 Bug Resolved Key issues between java 1.3 and java 1.4
1230 Bug Resolved move out of jar file
162 Bug Resolved need harvest/batch load for metacat
1680 Bug Resolved New functions in Metacat Client API
1451 Bug Resolved null returndoctype fails to return all documents
188 Bug Resolved provide a metacat client library with a standard API
1679 Bug Resolved Random string entry in action=insert leads to hanging of code
1295 Bug Resolved Registry: Button texts are ambiguous and need to be changed.
1139 Bug Resolved squery produces output that is not well-formed
1346 Bug Resolved The results sent back in response to query should be sorted
1658 Bug Resolved tracking bug for 1.4.0 release
1427 Bug Resolved xml_index constrains depth of paths that can be inserted

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