From 10/02/2000 to 10/31/2000


08:48 AM Bug #167 (Resolved): Search & resultSet Configuration
Add dialog for setting doctypes to be seached, returned, and fields that will be
displayed in RS table
Dan Higgins
08:46 AM Bug #166 (Resolved): Update options handling
Add XML based system for configuration/options setting and storing Dan Higgins
08:44 AM Bug #165 (Resolved): taxonomic search facility
Add at least simple taxonomic and spatial search capability Dan Higgins
08:41 AM Bug #164 (Resolved): Add Browse Data Tab functionality
need to add capability to Browse Data tab to create 'packages' and submit
packages to system. Display docs 'owned' ...
Dan Higgins


10:30 AM Bug #79: change default window sizes in mde
partially completed. I changed the window sizes to more fully take advantage of
a 800x600 screen, but have not yet m...
Matt Jones


10:39 AM Bug #159 (Resolved): Remove Element button does not work in certain cases
Remove Element button seems to work fine when working with a new xml document,
but DOES NOT function when the XML d...
Dan Higgins


04:31 PM Bug #158 (Resolved): Result set counter
Elizabeth Sandlin has suggested that there should be a 'counter' with result set
tables to show how many results ha...
Dan Higgins
04:28 PM Bug #81: need ability to "round-trip" metadata (mde -> server -> querybean -> mde)
Current version of MORPHO can edit a document returned in a query and then
submit revised document back to server.
Dan Higgins

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