From 08/12/2001 to 09/10/2001


02:32 PM Bug #236: improve handling of query options
Fixed. Query options are now handled under a new tab in the query dialog. There
is also a "save defaults" button the...
Matt Jones
02:29 PM Bug #165: taxonomic search facility
Added support for looking up taxonomic synonyms using the ITIS system. This uses
the separate itislib library for doi...
Matt Jones


03:01 PM Bug #239: search dialog allows user to uncheck both catalog and local search
Done. Fixed by inserting an ItemListener on the two checkboxes and only
allowing deselection if the other checkbox i...
Matt Jones


09:30 AM Bug #115: need short-term dataset parser implementation
Not going to fix this because the more general data set parser is nearing
completion (see bug 116).
Matt Jones


10:24 AM Bug #268 (Resolved): Morpho help system
A draft html help system was created to go with Beta1 Morpho release. However,
this help (or improved version) need...
Dan Higgins
10:22 AM Bug #267 (Resolved): Add schema support to Morpho XML editor
Current Morpho XML editor uses DTDs while EML2.0 work is using XML Schemas.
There is thus a possible need to upgrad...
Dan Higgins
10:06 AM Bug #221: Test Morpho and the Morpho Installer on Linux
Beta1 Morpho Installer (InstallAnywhere) was tested on a single Linux machine by
Chad Berkley
Dan Higgins
09:56 AM Bug #223: Build installers for Windows, Mac, Linux
Windows and Linux Installers have been built for Beta1 release; Mac version of
Morpho not yet running.
Dan Higgins
09:55 AM Bug #259: Change meaning of permissions to be inclusive
Not completed by Beta1 - moved to Beta2 Dan Higgins
09:52 AM Bug #72: need more user friendly notification on document errors
This problem referred to the MDE which is no longer being used. Problem is thus
Dan Higgins

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