From 04/15/2002 to 05/14/2002


10:14 AM Bug #505 (Resolved): typo in eml-literature
under CHOICE-->offlineMedium-->medNote.
Current help instructions read "any additional pertitant information..."
Matthew Brooke
09:59 AM Bug #504 (Resolved): incorrect rendering of eml-physical in xml editor (eml Beta6)
How to reproduce:
From package editor, select an eml-physical module (eml Beta6) and start to
edit in the xml edit...
Matthew Brooke


03:45 PM Bug #391: column definition is not retained through wizard navigation
Now if a user enters column names in the third screen, and then goes back to
the first screen, the code checks to se...
Matthew Brooke
12:02 PM Bug #451: Enable Java Web Start for Morpho
Fixed. In the process, upgraded to Xerces2 to address ClassLoader issues. All
files are now in jar files. Profiles...
Matt Jones


10:38 AM Bug #500: DTD elements which use the "ANY" keyword are incorrect
nodes with content of "ANY" are now displayed in the editor as having a single
text node child. Editor thus does not ...
Dan Higgins


03:12 PM Bug #500 (Resolved): DTD elements which use the "ANY" keyword are incorrect
The XML editor does not handle ANY declarations correctly. An "ANY" element is
incorrectly created by the editor.
Dan Higgins
09:40 AM Bug #499 (Resolved): Swing changes outside the event thread
When the SwingWorker class was added to Morpho to create new threads for
time-consuming tasks, some modifications to...
Dan Higgins


11:57 AM Bug #476 (Resolved): Instructions are truncated in Morpho Editor
Morpho editor launches in a window that is minimized by default to
approximately 15-20cm square. While minimized th...
Scott Miller


02:32 PM Bug #396: login dialog requires tab before text entry
Keyboard navigation keys work in ConnectionFrame (ie Login dialog) and
ProfileDialog so that the user can hit ENTER ...
Matthew Brooke


03:08 PM Bug #469 (Resolved): minimize size of final distribution
Current morpho and config jar files are huge (3.7 MB), I think needlessly. We
need to go through and systematically...
Matt Jones
10:34 AM Bug #455: Enable ability to display earlier versions of data packages
Popup menu in result set table now includes a submenu listing previous packages
(by id) if the package has been revis...
Dan Higgins
10:31 AM Bug #446: itislib taxonomic synonym lookup fails
lookup changed to avoid failure; problem was apparently due to changes in format
of data returned from itis
see new ...
Dan Higgins

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