From 07/17/2002 to 08/15/2002


03:57 PM Bug #561 (Resolved): Error Export and Export to zip
Now the morpho code in CVS head has a problem in both export and export to zip
action. When I tried these actions a...
Jing Tao


08:03 AM Bug #306: [RFE] folder views to organize data packages
Ignore the above part. I made a mistake and it is not for this bug.
Jing Tao


03:42 PM Bug #306: [RFE] folder views to organize data packages
Just now I played with page. It will
send a query:

SELECT docid,docname,doct...
Jing Tao


11:22 AM Bug #555 (Resolved): extend windowing framework to allow multiple windows with menus
The existing ClientFramework is designed to havea single application window for
morpho that contains the menu and to...
Matt Jones
09:08 AM Bug #342: display metadata file timestamps
We've decided to add Last Modified as a field in the resultset display and
Open... dialog. Retargeting for 1.2 relea...
Matt Jones
09:04 AM Bug #462: move the location where eml-physical docs appear in Morpho interface
This needs to be incorporated into the new UI design properly. Physical should
show up under the entity metadata dis...
Matt Jones


12:56 PM Bug #553: support eml 2.0.0 and later revisions
Yes, I agree with your basic approach of encapsulating responsibility
indifferent components. However, the...
Matt Jones
12:05 PM Bug #553: support eml 2.0.0 and later revisions
If I understand correctly, the issue of enabling Beta-9 functionality in Morpho
involves two major areas - one being ...
Matthew Brooke
12:41 PM Bug #546: data editing enhancements
Hi Dan,
Thanks for the overview. Looks good. My 2 cents are:
1) your "planned" features are good. Note that the ...
Matt Jones
12:38 PM Bug #546: data editing enhancements
Some additional notes from an email from Dan Higgins:
Some preliminary thoughts on the data editor capabilities...
Matt Jones

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