From 09/08/2003 to 10/07/2003


11:45 AM Bug #1131: closing datapackage windows does not release memory
Several changes made to 'force' the release of memory when a window is closed.
These seem to have solved the memory l...
Dan Higgins
11:42 AM Bug #1075: Export problems with Java 1.3 VM
export code fixed. Statements worked in 1.4 (for some unknown reason!) but
should not have!
Dan Higgins
11:38 AM Bug #940: need large performance enhancements
Newly rewritten XML tree editor (Version 1.4.1) is nearly 100 times faster than
older editor. This will make editing ...
Dan Higgins
11:33 AM Bug #504: incorrect rendering of eml-physical in xml editor (eml Beta6)
New editor in Morpo 1.4.1 fixes this problem Dan Higgins
11:32 AM Bug #419: DataPackage Wizard doesn't indicate that AttributeDomain is Required
This bug 'goes away' with new eml2 DataPackageWizard Dan Higgins
11:28 AM Bug #330: need stylesheet catalog
Fixed - Response to comment#2 is Yes Dan Higgins


09:44 AM Bug #1157 (Resolved): Photoshop Mockup for Text Import Wiz Changes
do photoshop mockup of text import wizard page 3, to show columns across
bottom, guessed metadata at top and an edi...
Matthew Brooke


04:36 PM Bug #1156 (Resolved): eml2 updates to TextImportWizard
The TextImportWizard display was desined for use with emlbeta6. As such,
selection of MeasurementTypes is not suppor...
Dan Higgins

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