From 08/30/2004 to 09/28/2004


04:53 PM Bug #1704 (New): need additional operators for the spatial search
a participant in the september 2004 knb workshop requested that the spatial
search have operators such as union and ...
Chad Berkley
04:47 PM Bug #1702 (New): spatial search is not saved
when you revise a search that you have just performed, the spatial bounding box
is reset to the default instead of b...
Chad Berkley
02:35 PM Bug #1701 (Resolved): All choices selected by default in tree editor
If one expands the tree editor to show all elements, initially ALL choices show
up being 'selected' (at least on the...
Dan Higgins


04:27 PM Bug #1670: Link provided to access data is wrong
After the newest version of metacat (1.4.0) was released, this problem is
solved if you re-save the data package to ...
Andrea Andrea


03:24 PM Bug #1672 (New): Unable to edit online distribution url for multiple data objects
Due to bug #1670, the user has to type in the correct URL for the data object
using the Morpho Editor (i.e. replace...
Andrea Andrea


10:18 AM Bug #1670 (Resolved): Link provided to access data is wrong
After adding data, such as an Excel table, to an existing dp, oftentimes the
user receives a message saying that th...
Andrea Andrea
10:12 AM Bug #1669 (New): Adding Project Information causes invalid eml 2 warning
After adding Project information to a dp using the Morpho Editor and
clicking "OK", an error message pops up saying...
Andrea Andrea
10:01 AM Bug #1668 (Resolved): Second geographic coverage section inserted after clicking "Show All"
After opening a dp in Morpho, opening the Editor, and clicking "Show All", an
extra (blank) geographic coverage sec...
Andrea Andrea
06:26 PM Bug #1667 (New): Couldn't send data file to metacat using a download package
When I use morpho to copy a eml2 package from metacat1 to metacat2 and found
this problem.
I have a eml2 document...
Jing Tao

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