From 10/09/2004 to 11/07/2004


04:22 PM Bug #1754 (Resolved): expose title/abstract/creator in Documentation menu
Morpho currently exposes most wizard screens through the Documentation menu,
with the exception of some of the very ...
Matt Jones


04:39 PM Bug #1723 (New): Feature requests offered by UNESCO visitor
Piero Morseletto suggested the following:
1. Piero asked about the possibility of having a pick list of pre-descri...
Andrea Andrea


09:16 AM Bug #1719 (Resolved): integrate Finch's MS Access plugin in next release
Mike Finch from the CanopyDB project developed a plugin for Morpho that imports
MS Access databases and creates the ...
Matt Jones


01:36 PM Bug #1716 (Resolved): Feature requests for access screen in DPW
Features requested by people at the KNB workshop for access screen in DPW:
1. Provide data and time of the last ac...
Saurabh Garg
09:05 AM Bug #1715 (Resolved): New package window is not set to visible
Finch, Michael <> found a bug where in some cases after a
new package window is created it is ...
Saurabh Garg


10:55 AM Bug #1714 (Resolved): tab delimited text import doesn't display correctly
When importing a new data table in Morpho, if one imports a tab-delimited file
it parses the file and allows metadat...
Matt Jones

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