From 09/23/2008 to 10/22/2008


11:35 AM Bug #3551 (New): same screen presented to user before and after importing a data table
When you first start to import a data table, you see a friendly screen saying you can save now or add a data table (w... Margaret O'Brien
11:31 AM Bug #3550 (Resolved): no way to enter a missingValueCode
My data has a missing value code, but morpho did not have a form field for it, and it does not appear in the tree edi... Margaret O'Brien
11:20 AM Bug #3549 (Resolved): measurementType dateTime is not displayed for a time column
Same table import as in bug #3548
One of these columns is a time, formatted hh:mm:ss
But the import wizard did not ...
Margaret O'Brien
11:17 AM Bug #3548 (Resolved): import data table hangs up on large tables
This table is ~18k lines long (7 columns):
Margaret O'Brien


05:15 PM Bug #1782: Seperate access rules for data and metadata portions of dps
with EML 2.1.0, access control can now be included for each dataset entity (not in additional metadata).
Morpho now e...
ben leinfelder

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