From 09/16/2009 to 10/15/2009


11:48 AM Bug #4461 (New): delete local copy only deletes the most recent stored revision, but this is not indicated
When deleting a package in the package listing, the current behavior is to delete only the most recent stored copy. ... Oliver Soong
11:43 AM Bug #4460 (New): morpho package listing can be confusing when out of sync
This is a UI and clarity issue. Morpho's handling of versions is fine.
In the case of an old local copy and updat...
Oliver Soong
09:54 AM Bug #4459 (Resolved): Need a minimum display of access order in Access page
Currently morpho will use allowFirst as default access order. And it still respects the access order (denyFirst or al... Jing Tao


11:25 AM Bug #4426: export fails to create html with attribute information
The condition seems backwards to me.� The reason it is in there is so thatthe same stylesheet can be used to create... Jing Tao
09:06 AM Bug #4426 (Resolved): export fails to create html with attribute information
Hi Gail,
Yes, my guess is that this is a stylesheet problem. The stylesheet has two modes -- one that displays ju...
Matt Jones


12:22 PM Bug #4422 (Resolved): morpho installer freezes when it creates short cut on windows 64-bit machine
I think this is the right group of people for this problem, but I'm
not entirely sure. I'm trying to install Morpho...
Jing Tao


12:52 PM Bug #4418: "about" box displays incorrect version number
I assume it happens on mac version. We didn't pay much attention about this. I will take a look. Jing Tao
11:51 AM Bug #4418 (Resolved): "about" box displays incorrect version number
When you go to "morpho > About morpho" from the computer menu bar, the version displayed is 1.0 Will Tyburczy
11:49 AM Bug #4417 (Resolved): 1.7.0 - Dialogue Boxes Cause Underlying Window to Freeze
There seem to be a few circumstances after you get a dialogue box that causes the underlying window to freeze.
1 -...
Will Tyburczy
11:35 AM Bug #4416 (New): 1.7.0 - Geographic Coverage Sites List Should Record Tool Type
When you select an item the shortcut list of sites in the geographic coverage window, it does not remember what tool ... Will Tyburczy

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